Tuesday, April 6, 2010

weekend pictures


here are some pictures we took on the weekend.
there are a bunch of others but ivan thinks he looks funny and i don't know if my family wants to be on the internet! sophie doesn't mind. farva loves going outside on his leash!

we had a delicious easter brunch. i made vegan banana nut waffles and they were delicious! the recipe is from Veganomicon. the waffles are the only thing i tried so far and i loved them.

ivan did something super sweet for me tonight and i'll show you sometime this week what it was! it involves my 'headband helpers'.

talk to you soon!


  1. i love love love your headbands! and your blog button is too cute! i'm stealing it :D

  2. Awww I loooove taking photos with polaroids! So darned expensive though ;___;

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend :D

  3. Love the effect created by polaroid cameras, I so badly want one!


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