Friday, May 7, 2010

5 fav friday

hello! here are some things i like this week.

5. prints from Lola's Room
i love all of her photography! the colours are amazing. i can't pick a favourite. check out Lola's Room on etsy to see them all...there are so many super pretty prints!

4. kittens i could look at pictures of kittens all day. they are tooooo cute :)

3. these awesome polaroid necklaces from jerseymaids
soooo cool!

2. glasses

yes please, i love glasses. when i was a kid i wished that i had them. in highschool when i got tested and needed them i was soooo excited. i don't know what made me so happy about deteriorating eye sight but glasses definitely look awesome. and angela bower's glasses are super.

1. this song

so beautiful! it reminds me so much of the beach boys (pet sounds). i love it. awesome friend who introduced me to this song is coming over tonight! hooray!

ok, i'm off to exercise. i hope everyone has a fantastic friday!



  1. I love that top print!!
    & those poloroid necklaces!
    Very pretty post :)

  2. Love your 5 Fav Friday!
    I adore Lola's Room - always end up choosing something from her shop to share on my blog or in an Etsy Treasury :)
    Kittens are the sweetest ... I want another one!
    Glasses on girls are sexy.
    Those Polaroid necklaces are adorable!

  3. ooh lots of pretty things! I love everything from Lola's Room, those polaroid necklaces (i want!) and i used to want glasses so bad I pretended I couldn't really see during an eye exam. Of course the Ophthalmologist knew I was lying and told me to quit it lol. my dad wasn't too pleased either!

  4. All great choices!!! Those kittens are so adorable.

  5. The kittens are so sweet!

  6. The Polaroid necklaces are awesome!

  7. Oh my goodness! Those kittens! They're unbelievable! Gorgeous selection of photos, Thanks, Have a great weekend!x

  8. Kittens... squeeeee!! I adore my cats but I miss them being kittens sometimes - they're just so cute I could actually die. Aaaah, kitten > babies... right? ;)

  9. i think those kitten pics just killed me with cuteness!

  10. i'm in love with the kittehs but the hubs doesn't want one because of the cat box. maybe some day though :)

  11. Omigosh, those kitties are sooooo cute! And, I'm with you on the glasses...when I was little my mom gave me an old pair of her glasses with the lenses taken out so I could pretend I had to wear glasses. :)

  12. i love the threads in drawers! great pix :)

    and song! i LOVE rem


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