Thursday, May 6, 2010

every girl has a story - Carrie

introducing Carrie.
Carrie is the best baker on the block. Cupcakes are her specialty and she loves making sweet treats for every occasion. Carrie helped me whip up the recipe for the Cute as a Cupcake accessories. Definitely not her tastiest creation but absolutely the cutest.



  1. she sounds like a peach. speaking of peaches.. does she make peach cupcakes? that would be the definition of killer...

  2. These 'helpers' of yours are just too adorable for words. I love each one of them :)

    Great new hair colour too - always fancied blue hair myself... Hmm... ;)

  3. this is adorable. your illustrations are great!
    also fun to find a fellow ontarian blogger :) happy to follow!


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