Friday, May 14, 2010

5 fav friday

good morning!! i'm going to be out all day at the craft show. i'm so excited! i have a lot of headbands made :)

here are a few things i really like this week.

5. this dress from bleubird vintage. sooo pretty!
'miss' james picks some of the prettiest vintage! 

4. watermelon

my mouth is seriously watering from these photos. i loooove watermelon. definitely my favourite summer time fruit. by far. 

3.  This etsy shop...the poppy tree 

 i am so in love with this girl's art right now! it is just toooo cute. i found the poppy tree with etsy's new feature suggested shops. i love it, it has suggested so many shops i like! how does etsy know me so well?  

2. vintage cars

i don't really car too much about cars but i thnk those old cars are so pretty. especially when they are in these minty green/icy blue colours. 

1. this mug
i'm in the market for an awesome new mug.  i've been using my mom's fancy coffee/tea cups for homemade lattes. which is something else i realllly love at the moment. we've made chai tea and blueberry white tea lattes (with soy milk), both sooo good. oh another side note...all soy milks are NOT created equal. they taste very very different. my favourites are Silk and PC brand. they win for yumminess. ahem...back to business.

i hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. Love the little peacock girl. And the color of those cars. Swoon!

  2. good luck at the craft show, hope your items are a hit!

  3. Good luck at the craft show, I'm sure it will be a blast! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  4. Oh! Totally love your blog! Found you through Roxanne(The 60/40) and am happy I did - will be subscribing.

  5. Adorable little things!
    Watermelon is my favorite summer food- one year I opted for watermelon with a votive on top of it instead of a birthday cake with candles and everything. Best decision ever. Watermelon can't be beat!

  6. omg i love this post!! AND IM SO in the mood for some watermelon! damit! its not hot enough yet so there arent any :(

  7. Watermelon is yummmmmy!

  8. i am IN LOVE with vintage cars as well... i want a convertible though for sure:) that blue is exactly the same color i would get! one day i'll be able to afford my "sunday" car (that's what i call them... i picture driving it to brunch on a sunday morning, ha:)


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