Saturday, May 15, 2010


this is my new blythe audrey! she's named after audrey horne from twin peaks because i think she looks a lot like her. audrey is a save the animals blythe. i adopted her from valerie (whose blog is here). i hope she doesn't mind that i renamed her...i forgot to ask if she already had a name and if i need to legally change it, hehe. valerie and her sister also have an etsy shop called Small House with some very pretty items! here is an example:
i loooove that apron. the colours and the style are perfect :)

so anyways, i think audrey is so pretty and don't worry valerie, i will take good care of her :). so far i know that audrey loves writing, she has started working on a novel on the new vintage typewriter i just found today!!! i'll post photos super soon. also i have a couple from the craft show yesterday which was amazing! i had so much fun. more on that later too.



  1. Hello Audrey :) I hope you're settling in to your new surroundings. My girls say "hi" :)

    Love the Poppy Tree art works too from yesterday. Have bookmarked them for a closer look :)

  2. That is the cutest Blythe I've seen!!

  3. *___* OMG that apron is just adorable!
    love u

  4. Oooh she's adorable! You make me want to start collecting Blythes!

  5. You've got the Blythe bug hehe! She is a cutie!! Makes me want another one right now :D

  6. I agree with the name change - she is a clone of Audrey Horne! Love her!

  7. she's so beautiful! & i love the apron! cute!

  8. i am having a giveaway on my blog! come follow and enter! i am giving away MAC, OPI, and essie! good luck!


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