Friday, July 23, 2010

5 fav friday

hi! is everyone having a good day so far? here are some things i hope you like as much as i do.

5. campers

 this one is for your desk! so cool!

beautiful painting by elsie available here.

2. most amazing cupcakes ever...found on vegan yum-yum
my mind is seriously blown by these. i love them!

3. this awesome coat by coty lee
i love the ruffles!

2. matryoshka dolls
i loved these so much as a kid. i still think they are super cool!

this is a major nerd-alert moment. this would be so so cool to go to! it's in North Bend, WA. anyone live around there? if you do you are so lucky :)

hehe, maybe i'll make it there eventually.

i hope everyone has a great weekend! i'm going to see Star Wars in Concert on saturday night. (another nerd-alert moment, haha)



  1. I just adore the list you compiled for this Friday! The coat is just a killer design, and Elsie's newest camper painting is adorbs.

    But what really gets me is the matryoshka dolls since this very afternoon I have one getting tattood on my leg. Hurrah!

    <3 Your blog.

  2. I really need to get on this Twin Peaks thing. I saw the DVDs at the library the other day, but the first disc was rented. I should go back and check today. We're getting a bigger tv (bigger than our current 13" model) - I think this might be an appropriate way to break her in.

  3. biostar: i'm so glad you like my list :) and that is sooo cool about your tattoo!

    thursday: yes for sure. perfect way to break in a new tv. it is a weird show but weird in an amazing way.

  4. I enjoy the camper shirt the most.. :)

  5. i am lovin those cupcakes

  6. those cupcakes are amazing! Twin Peaks is the best :)


  7. I LOVE Twin Peaks! Wish I could go to that Fest!
    Those cupcakes are making my sweet tooth hungry!

  8. Ah I remember seeing the woman who makes those cupcakes on Martha Stewart a while ago (why was I watching that? Who knows. Maybe it was just a clip online... haha!). They're AMAZING!

  9. <3 these all just a bit too much, expecially the last image.

  10. I loooooove that coat, can it be winter yet please?

  11. dear elycia: would you like to enter my giveaway? :)

    xoxoxo aaaadny would you like to be pen pals? I have a present for you (still!)

    love, polly

  12. may the force be with you sista!

  13. The little trainers are awesome!! :)


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