Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh darlin'

i love this song so much! it is definitely getting me motivated for the day. the beach boys are amazing.♥

i hope you love it as much as i do.


  1. Beach Boys are one of my favorites! No better warm weather music. :)

  2. yay! the beach boys always remind me of 50 first dates! love that movie!

  3. nothing says summer like the beach boys! love it!

  4. eeee.
    i love the beach boys (:

  5. love the beach boys! esp in the summer.
    your shop is full of cuteness! I love the little prints too.

  6. Love it!!!
    Hope you are having an amazing day :)
    xx, Jamie

  7. sadly the song has not loaded... :( but i loved the rest of your blog, and the blue in your hair is completely awesome. My whole head is purple right now, so it's nice to see someone else with cool hair too! :D


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