Tuesday, July 13, 2010

how it all began - part two

part one of my journey is here if you missed it...
when we left off i had discovered this blog...stay fancy free

i loved reading blogs...but i felt a bit like a stalker only actually reading one, haha. so i went in search of more. i was pleasantly surprised when i found this next blog in the side bar of stay fancy free.
awesome blog alert! i loved seeing all of rebecca's outfits and i love love loved the picture an hour feature that she occasionally does.
i was in a bit of a style rut when i started following the clothes horse. rebecca's cool style really inspired me to start paying a little more attention to what i wear and start having more fun. (it was thanks to her that i started loving nail polish again and gave coloured tights a try).
so thanks rebecca for making me look a little cooler! haha :)

on the lookout for more blogs, i checked out the favourites section of the clothes horse blog.
that's where i found this one...

 there's a disclaimer on her blog to ask before using her photos...so just go over there and check them out yourself :) 

young does very pretty photography.  I was really inspired and wanted to take up photography again!

for quite a while i had these 3 blogs that i followed. then one day i typed something into google search and discovered a whole new (blog) world. 

that's where i will pick up next time :)

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