Monday, September 13, 2010

action packed weekend

hi :) my weekend was so fun and action packed i literally cannot fit it into one post. friday we went to art crawl on james north. it was great! 2 of my friends and i started at the church where they have the makers market. it was super busy! i got a few vegan treats and some kale chips. they are amazing. i need to get a dehydrator!

then we went to some galleries (actually only one, haha) and then ended up in white elephant which is an amazing shop on james north. they carry beautiful handmade and vintage items. i love it so much! if you are local you need to check it out. the lovely ladies who run the shop had it decorated for fall with apples all over. so cute! check out their blog for more pretty photos.
eventually we ended up at a really fun pub called the brain. the sign for it is just a picture of a brain. they have lots of cool decorations inside.
and an impressive beer selection.
and...i didn't take a photo...but the men's bathroom door had a plastic darth vader head on it. i love star wars!

more on my weekend in the next few posts! i hope you all had a good one too. did you do anything fun?



  1. looks like fun and that shop looks amazing! OMG they have DOUBLE CHOCOLATE STOUT!!!!!! that is one of my favorite beers!! i had it for the first time a couple of months ago and have been dying to find it somewhere but have come up empty!!! oh so delicious!


  2. i am new in toronto and those look like really fun things to do! i would like your weekend agenda every week, please ;) i'm going to check out that vintage store!

  3. That store looks super cute! It sounds like you live in a very creative town...unfortunately, Atlanta is not the most creative place =0(

  4. that looks absolutely awesome.
    rather jealous.

  5. Awesome looking store! I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in Hamilton.


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