Tuesday, September 14, 2010

retro beach

hi again! here are a few photos from the family reunion "beach party".
pretty old photos, fry cups covered in more pretty old photos, bathing beauties and a table :)
those are my initials...EW. kind of like ewwwww, as in ewww gross, haha. i like it.

that's all for now, i'm off to sew my little heart out to get ready for saturday.


ps. go visit my name (fraternal) twin alycia at the curious pug to see some cute kitties including my farva and anakin!


  1. hahahahaha, ewwwwww elycia you're too funny.
    I love your photos.

  2. yea fraternal twin!! our names rock :) and i like your initials hehe

  3. Reunion looks great! Wish I thought of that :)

    And you guys rock and are pretty adorable too!

  4. I love those balloons! Oh, and my dad was seriously cracking up about the whole "ew" thing! :)


  5. awwwww you guys are so cute!
    love all the favours:)
    great job!
    hope you had fun


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