Wednesday, September 15, 2010

vegetarian food fair

on sunday we went to the vegetarian food fair in toronto. i thought it was great! the best part was the free samples, hehe. here are some photos we took :)
a guy and girl were playing beautiful versions of beatles songs. how perfect!
chocolate mint vegan cookies from new moon kitchen...sooooo good.
 iron chef competition. i think ivan and i were the only people who had never seen an iron chef show on tv. the special ingredient they had to use was apples. i love apples. even better than the competition itself...the chef in white was very inspiring and he got ivan thinking about going vegan :)
and just a few sights around toronto.

so that's it for my action packed weekend! stay tuned for a special guest post coming up soon!



  1. Aw these photos made me miss home-
    A couple for my TO friends posted photos of this event on facebook- sounds like it was fun!
    The cookie looks good!

  2. I bet there is some sort of vegetarian festival in Portland, have to check one out!

  3. That chocolate and mint cookie looks scrumptious...I want one!!
    Ooh, and I am in love with your Kitty with a ball of string T-shirt, it's super cute :D

  4. I make alot of vegetarian desserts because of allergies, and those chocolate mint cookies sound delicous.

  5. rondy: my shirt is from boygirlparty! i love susie's illustrations :)

  6. i love food fairs! i just love food in general really!


  7. Wow... I wish we had something as great as a vegetarian food fair around here. I think I live, literally, in the middle of steak and potato country, though. :(

  8. I'm going to have to find a vegetarian festival in LA, my boyfriend is one and we're always looking for new recipes to test out :)

    By the way, I awarded you the Sunshine Award on my blog :)

  9. what?!?! never seen iron chef? I don't watch alot of tv but when we are staying at a hotel isaac and I are always excited to watch some food network :)

  10. In case you're at all interested, the girl in the Beatles duo from the fair is Larra Skye: :)

  11. I was there too! Wonderful event filled with some really tasty food :) Great pics.

  12. Sim: i am interested! thank you!

    rachel: awesome! yeah it was fantastic :)


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