Friday, September 17, 2010

good morning! i am participating in the Glen Ridge Artisan Show tomorrow and i still have soooo much to do. i'm working on a new table display and i'm really excited :) before i get down to business, here are a few things i think are amazing.

5. Halloween art from the poppy tree

4. dainty june fall 2010
so pretty! my grama's name is june and i ♥ her a lot :) i like that the brand is called 'dainty june'.

3. flower crowns
gardens of whimsy crowns/wreaths are the prettiest :)

such a cute dress. i especially like the name!

1. cardboard cat house
so cute! and the cat looks kind of like farva so...extra bonus.

ok, i'm off to get started on my busy day. does anyone want to come over and help me?



  1. good luck and have fun at your show elycia :) and the halloween prints are adorable!

  2. I want all those dresses. I think I need to go online shopping today. Oh wait, no money. Darn.
    Where is this art show? (You prolly won't get back in time because you're busy, but just in case, I thought I would ask). Thanks! Have fun tomorrow.

  3. ahh that blog writer dress is awesome, and that cardboard cat house is bomb. jay-z wants it.

  4. those flower crowns are too cute! great friday favorites post. come check mine out if you have a spare second (:

  5. I'd come over and make some chains for your headbands but...your show would be over by the time I got there so...hopefully someone else is closer.

  6. I love the owl painting. It's eyes are so expressive. I'll come over and help you, but you have to come over and help me with the 2-year-old hehehe.

  7. these are all fabulous! i love the owl painting and the dainty june clothes is awesome!
    i need that cat house, rosalita would love that!
    have a great weekend!


  8. Hi Elycia,
    Thanks for featuring our dress on your blog! We appreciate the support and we're glad to hear you like the name. :)

    Aire @ModCloth

  9. I'm going to the craft show. Hur-ray!

  10. That cat house is pretty dang cute!

  11. Good luck at your show!!! That blog writer dress is incredible!

  12. I adore the brown striped dress and the blog writer dress. So cute! The paintings are adorable too!

  13. that cat looks just like my room mate's!

    Hey, can you help me out? I want the html to get the side buttons closer together on my blog- less space in between them, you know? How did you do it with your sponsors? HELP! p.s. your package will come sometime soon- the move was hectic and i am still trying to find the post office! lol

    love, polly :)

  14. hey elycia! it was nice meeting you at the show! my daughter loves her hairband!

    by the way,awesome blog!:)


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