Friday, September 3, 2010

hello hello, here are a few things i think are terrific.

5. cat cafes
this morning i saw this post on colour me katie. oh my goodness. how fun would this be? i ♥ cats. apparently these are popular in japan. go visit katie's blog to see her photos from the cat cafe!

4. knee socks
ok, so these ones aren't quite KNEE socks, but i have a growing 'tall sock' collection. i'm so excited to wear lots and lots of knee socks this fall.

3. beautiful buttons from oh feathers!
so pretty!

2. arrested development
i have been re-watching some of my favourite series while i have been working lately. this show is amazing! it is so clever and funny. i love all of the characters. i can't pick a favourite...sometimes it's Gob, sometimes Tobias, sometimes George Michael...the list goes on. :)

1. this board
so smart! i saw this on design*sponge and thought it was sooo cool. it is fun fur!

tonight ivan and i are going to this restaurant for dinner. i'm really excited to try it! have a great friday and don't forget to come back tomorrow to watch my silly video :)



  1. YAY! i saw that cat cafe too, and i want to save money just to go vist it hehe

  2. Cat Cafe sounds awesome. Love the tall socks. Oh, and arrested development is genius.

  3. Cats and AD? Yes please! Going to check out Oh Feathers right now - love those button earrings:)

  4. First off, I love your new header! I love that board, I have to check it out! I hope that you have an amazing weekend!

  5. For this giant city we only have one real vegetarian restaurant. A kosher, vegetarian restaurant at that. I love Arrested Development. That is another series I made Zach watch with me. (He had never heard of it. I swear he lived in a cave before I found him.)

  6. Arrested Development is the greatest show of all time! :D

  7. I saw the Cat Cafe this morning too and decided that it is now something I need for someone to build near me. And I agree on the knee socks. I freakin love them.

  8. Cat cafes, the Japanese are AWESOME. That's why I have human friends - so I can go over and play with their cats.

  9. arrested development is my most favorite show IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

  10. Ah cat cafes! Seriously they are soo funny/cute!

  11. Oh Arrested Development... One of the best shows ever. LOVE them! miss them :( I think I'll have to watch more of them again!

  12. Ah, Arrested Development is our fave. We have been watching our dvds this week. The cast is just too amazing!


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