Friday, September 3, 2010

hi! i'm very excited to announce a new mini-series of blog posts i have lined up. the series is called...
and i will be showing you some of my best 'talents' and some interesting things. annndddd, they are videos! the first post in the series will go up tomorrow.

i'll be back in a bit with my 5 favourites for this week!



  1. youre so adorible, i love all the photo shots you have been doing and am inspired by you! i have been MIA from the blog and the shop but am excited to get back to work after the wedding, refreshed and new! be on the look out for my new etsy shop!!! coming soon :)

  2. I can't wait to see these! Eee.
    I also just want to say I love your new banner and other little bits and bobs :)

  3. hehe, you're cute. sounds like it will be interesting for sure. i need some new ideas for my blog or start doing features of some sort.

    also, i got your comment with your email. i'm super busy this weekend but will email you soon about the toronto blogger meet up! maybe we can aim for october after school starting has settled down (that might just be me haha)

  4. So excited to see your videos! Oh and I super love the new layout :D

  5. So so so excited can't wait girl!! =D


  6. love ad! and flight!

    looking forward to your videos!


  7. I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to see your videos!


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