Wednesday, September 8, 2010

retro beach party

i know, i know, i'm ready for fall too. but, there is one more fun summery thing planned around here. we are having a family reunion this weekend! when my mom and her brothers were kids, their family, including extended family, used to go up to south hampton/port elgin, ontario in the summer. sooo, my mom, who always plans parties around a theme, decided to make it a beach theme...but the beach the way it was when they used to go in the late 50's, early 60's! so fun!

here is a bit of a peek at the party planning:
my mom attached flowers to bathing caps! she wants me to draw some faces on the balloons for the party. she's very creative. :)

and here is my thrift find that fits in perfectly with the party...
eeek! my friend and i went shopping last week and found this in the uniform section! talk about good luck and perfect timing. i love it. vintage swimsuits are made from the strangest material!

 and here are a few sweet photos of their beach trips.
i'm so excited! i think this will be a fun party.

talk to you soon,

oh, one more thing...miss mixtape just posted a little question and answer with me. i was so honoured that she asked me to participate. check it out :)


  1. those pictures are beyond fabulous! and that bathing suit! and the sweet floral caps! oh man!

  2. sounds fantastic and the those pictures are awesome! i LOVE vintage bathing suits and that is great! i have one made of silk...weird i know but it is the most beautiful thing! i haven't worn it yet waiting to wear it on the honeymoon in two weeks!!!!!


  3. i just found your blog and i <3 it.
    i love this idea for a party.
    i loove those swimming caps..they are lovely.
    great vintage find!

  4. that is one Beautiful Vintage swimsuit!


  5. eeee. it looks like it's gunna be amazing.
    i love that vintage bathing suit!

  6. pink candy popcorn? I don't know what this is but I definitely want some!

  7. That going to be such an awesome party! I adore the old photos too! I want to see the flower cap on! =D I agree it's good to end summer with a bang! I got too excited for fall and already wish I did something fun to finish the season!

  8. I think of "Beach Blanket Bingo." What a blast! Have fun!

  9. Ohwowers, this look amazing, I hope you do officially have a vintage beach party and go swimming suit crazy :)

    It looks lovely, I hope it looks just as good on as it does off. WHOOP

  10. Just stumbled across your blog, tooooo cute. What a fun party you have in the works!

  11. I bet that bathing suit looks adorable on you! Lucky find.

  12. Cute suit! I found an old bikini that belonged to my grandmother but she is almost 6 feet tall and it's much too big for me. Hope your party is tons of fun.

  13. this is an amazing idea. and i love the photos! cant wait to se photos from the event!


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