Friday, October 1, 2010

hello :) here are a few things that i think are amazing!

5. dresses for fall :)
i am sooo tempted to buy that last one, eek!

4. halloween buttons from Paper Castle
these button sets are sooo adorable. you can even mix and's called the monster mash, hehe.

3. fall walks
i kind of want to live in the woods.

2. the nearsighted owl
rachele is so sweet and i love her etsy shop! she has a great blog too...make sure you stop by :)

1. this cute flower tutorial
they are made out of paper towel rolls! so cool. (found on design by night blog via craft magazine)

i'm super excited for this weekend...ivan and i are going apple picking tomorrow! hooray! i love fresh apples.
what are you doing this weekend?


ps. don't forget to stop by my shop later today...if you would like to :)


  1. Have fun apple picking!!! It's so fun, especially testing out apples. hehe.

    I want to go fall dress shopping!

  2. Have a good time! I'm looking forward to seeing some photos!

  3. Elycia- you have an award waiting for you on my blog! :)


  4. Gosh, I love that first orange dress.

  5. Yay! Thanks for making me a fav <3

  6. i've never gone apple picking but i would love to see pictures of it!
    have fun : )

    ps: come checkout my blog

  7. Those Halloween buttons are adorable and your fall walk looks beautiful! I can't wait for some nice autumn walking weather here.


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