Sunday, October 3, 2010

this weekend

hi friends, my weekend plans for apple picking were foiled by rain! we are booked pretty solid until the end of apple picking season so i really hope we can squish it in. farva hopes so too! fingers crossed.
in other computer got a virus on friday, haha. actually i guess it's not that funny, hehe, poor sick computer.
however...the good thing about this is that i may get a new computer...a Mac! probably a laptop. ivan and i have been thinking about this for a while and it seems like good timing. so...if anyone has some suggestions on a good one to look at i would love to hear what you have to say. you can tell me in the comments or email me at

one last thing...since October is National Vegetarian Awareness Month i thought i would celebrate with a fun little project here on the blog as well as some personal veggie stories. i will be back tomorrow to tell you what it is :) hint: one part requires participation!

have a great night!


ps. the next installment of the amazing elycia is coming soon...the virus has put a bit of a hold on it for the moment though :) hopefully sometime this week!


  1. i have a macbook! i used it for 3 years and still do. but now i use my imac a lot. i'd go for the pro if you can afford it. if not, i LOOOVE my macbook :D

  2. i have a macbook its amazing.
    but a macbook pro is also great if you can afford it.
    it has a bigger screen and has loads more space

  3. My boyfriend has a macbook pro.

    I live in a house of vegetarians! I am looking forward to your features :)

  4. MACBOOK PRO 15 INCH. the end.
    haha, it really is the best for design/photo! I am still silly in love with mine! it makes my life so much easier. and it kills the right-click!

  5. Macbook for sure!


  6. Good luck getting a new cpu. My friend bought a refurbished MAC from the apple store. It came with a warranty. I was thinking of doing some vegetarian/vegan posts, too. Can't wait to read!

  7. i hope you get to go apple picking! sounds like so much fun! those pictures of your kitty are adorable!

    yay for your new computer, i love ouor mac :)


  8. October is also International Dinosaur Month! :]

    Loving those kitty photos! Never picked apples before. I might have to try someday before the season ends.. :(

  9. i have a MacBook Pro and i love it!

    ps: i'd love it if you would stop by : )

  10. My husband bought me a MacBook Pro about a year ago and I LOVE it!! I have the 13" and it is easy to use and home and on the road. I was worried about the price, but it's worth every penny.

    Check out my blog @

  11. it was raining here too. :/
    you're so lovely and the colors of your hair are so amazing ^^

    kisses dear

  12. Participation, huh? Sounds like fun.

  13. my cat styles looks just like that and is OBSESSED with apples!
    As for the *other* kind of apples...I have a mac book (the brushed metal version) and I love it! You can't go wrong with any mac.

  14. Ah what a bummer about the rain! I hope you guys can squeeze in some time to go before it's finished! I just made some applesauce and my whole house smells like cinnamon, mmm!

    Bummer about the computer too.. but getting a brand new computer is pretty awesome! I have a Macbook Pro and it worked great for me for 4 years, but now the screen is breaking. I have traveled a lot with it and I would take it to class with my every single day and it got pretty banged up. But, it sucks because it's not under warranty now and I've had it for 5 years, so it would cost over a thousand bucks just to fix it. But I seriously suggest getting a mac! The apple care is awesome, my charger started to break and they sent me a brand new one within like, two days, and my battery started expanding (silent recall on my model) and I took it into the apple store in Toronto and they gave me a brand new battery right away. Haha okay it sounds like I've had a lot of problems but I really haven't. It has been great and it still works totally fine as long as I hook it up to a separate monitor, hahah!


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