Saturday, October 30, 2010

i ♥ halloween!

i'm a day late! but here it is...
halloween themed :)

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
ivan and i love this movie. we also own the soundtrack and cd and vinyl :) we have to watch it every halloween for sure!

2. bobbing for apples
last year at our halloween party we did a more hygenic version of bobbling for apples...trying to eat hanging apples. it was so funny to watch. ivan and i were super pros at it...we both bit it on our first try. maybe we just have big mouths, haha.

3. carved pumpkins
 i don't carve a pumpkin every year so when i do it is super fun. my friend carved the top 2, i did the bottom one a few years ago.  i love the puking pumpkin :)

2. halloween party snacks
people make the most creative treats for halloween parties! i love it!

1. my costume from a few years ago...

what are you being for halloween?


ps. thank you all so much for your halloween costume suggestions. very creative! i'm going to a party tonight...i still haven't decided on my costume but it will definitely be one of the suggestions :)


  1. an owl!

    I'm being a flower plant.

  2. Me and my best friend and our friend, Andrew used to spend summer nights driving around in Andrew's car and singing along to the RHPS soundtrack (on tape, baby). Don't dream it... be it.

  3. I love the "hygienic" bobbing for apples!
    I just went to a party last night that had the same cake and appetizers! So cute.

  4. I love the skeleton veggie original.

    I dressed up as a kid at work, we couldn't be scary (there goes my Deaf zombie outfit I wear every year) and it was easy and quick.

    Happy Halloween.

  5. elicya! you have a LOVELY blog! I want put your banner in my blog, if you like mine can we do a banner exhange?
    your haloween looks fantastic, lucky you we don't have halloween like in america (I am italian :< )


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