Thursday, October 28, 2010

something fun

i have been playing in bands since highschool on and off. i really love it! ivan and i recently started playing with a new band called The Sitcom they have been around for a while and are releasing a cd in december! it is so fun to play again :) i am playing keyboard...which is strange. piano was the first instrument i learned but the only one i have never played in a band.

something else fun about being in a band...photoshoots :)


  1. Sounds fun!! Enjoy yourself!! LOVE the photo!!

  2. WOW you are my hero! so freakin COOL!!!!!!!!!!i have always wanted to be in a band, a life long dream really. the closest i have ever come to it was one day the mister and i spent the ENTIRE day in the bathroom recording proud mary, he played the guitar and i sang... it was SOOO AWESOME!


  3. Looks (and sounds) awesome! Next time you make it to British Columbia I'll be there!

  4. I can't play any instruments or sing but I grew up with a musician father, so I've always had respect for the people who can.

  5. i love that pictures! it looks so professional! and beautiful!!! and your hair... gorgeous!!
    have a beautiful weekend!

  6. How cool! Congratulations and good luck with your new band!

  7. This is so cool! I wish I wasn't musically challenged haha.


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