Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guest Blog - LDC Designs

The lovely Lindsay from LDC designs has been sweet enough to put together a cute diy project to share. enjoy!

Hello! I am here from LDC designs to show you all how to make clouds that hang from your ceiling. It is pretty simple and it looks really cool if you add some paper airplanes or cranes to the mix! I have some above my bed and they are fun to look up at, at night. You can also add Christmas lights as stars if you want!


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xo ldc


  1. That sounds really neat! I think i might try that.

    Marja <3

  2. That's so neat and cool! I might have to try that... I want to give my room a little makeover, so this might be in it! I'll let you know!


  3. DIY is awesome.
    thanks so much, elycia and lindsay!

  4. this is the cutest DIY project ever!!

    Turquoise Flamingo


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