Friday, November 5, 2010

hello! here are a few great things...

5. the new red velvet shop
i am so in love with all of the displays. this is seriously the prettiest shop i have ever seen! it just looks so magical. great job elsie and friends :)  and...i had a dream last night that it was actually in hamilton and i went shopping there, haha. *all photos from elsie's blog*

4. candy sushi from death by cupcake
soo cool! i can't believe how awesome this looks!

3. socks over tights

i really love wearing socks over tights. it keeps me a little warmer and i think it looks super cute too.

2. this pretty dress from modcloth
Red-y or Not dress. does anyone remember the show 'Ready or Not'? i think it may have been a canadian show. i watched it all the time in highschool. the name of the dress just reminded me :)

1. this super cool necklace!
while i'm on the subject of cool is this necklace. see that circle in the is a magnifying glass! i love necklaces that are also other things :) awesome.

have a great friday, i will be back later with a list of the Veg Out participants who will be entered into the draw!



  1. oh my word - isn't their shop amazing!!! Geez I love it! Extra awesome - two sisters running a shop together!

    And I LOVE that dress too - I'm going there right now to look at it ;)

    You have the best taste - love all your favorites!

  2. I like the owl necklace. Strangely enough, I use a magnifying glass a lot. People in high school made fun of my socks over tights. Little did they know, I was way ahead of the fashion game.

  3. i had a dream last night that i got to go to the new red velvet too...haha, isn't that funny?? gosh, it's so darn beautiful. those gals are living the dream i tell ya...i want that life. i fell in love with all of the displays as well. let's take a road trip there one time okay?? with julie & holly & jenny...omg, that'd be SO fun!!

    i LOVE wearing socks over tights, too cute!!

    that dress is SO pretty. i love bright red. it just looks good on everyone & that style is beautiful. don't you want an excuse to buy it?
    (ps: i totally used to watch ready or not when i was younger. i saw busy once in real life too as she's from toronto. she was working as a waitress so that goes to show where they are now, lol)

  4. i am going to portland in five days and socks over leggings sounds like a good idea. (:

  5. I always wear socks over my tights in the winter! so much warmer. and I used to love that show ready or not! awesome thanks for reminding me :D

  6. Socks over tights! I wish I had seen this earlier, I spent the afternoon looking for a pair of sweater tights that were not black. I couldn't find any and decided on two pairs of thigh high socks.

  7. Her shop is so great, I would love to visit. Wistful sigh here, or even better have one of my own!
    I watched Ready or Not. It's definitely Canadian. There was a big stir in Dville one day because the girl who played Busy visited our McDonald's. haha

  8. I made candy sushi once...but it didn't look that pretty!

  9. I love love love all your picks! That shop looks immense – and I adore that owl necklace. I shall be meandering back over here :)


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