Friday, November 5, 2010

Veg Out - entered in the draw

hi friends!

as i mentioned, everyone who participated in my Veg Out challenge will be entered into a draw to win some vegan goodies. I will be announcing what the goodies are very soon, but for now i want to make sure i am not missing anyone.

i tried to keep a running list during October...but i know i am probably leaving some people out. if you participated but you do not see your name here please leave me a comment and you will be entered into the draw. trust want to be entered in the draw :)

june vintage

the lilac rabbit

trisha (mary sew)


under those neon lights

a giraffe in a scarf

erica's eclectic life

my corner of the internet

dear, your name here

three 20

the nearsighted owl

i will probably do the draw on the weekend!


 ps. i finally got a new computer...a macbook pro!
 oh are dangerous.


  1. i went vegan for a meal!! :) Can i be entered?


  2. aw.
    I totally missed out on this thing :(
    are you doing another vegan challenge soon??

  3. oh it´s great you got a new computer! and the pictures are so funny! made me laugh!! :)

    have a nice weekend!!! xoxo ♥

  4. oh yeay! Im so happy to see my blog's name up here and even happier to get a chance win some vegan goodies!!! Vegetarianism isn't very big in Puerto Rico, so I've never seen anything vegan in supermarkets besides Tofu :p

    Thanks so much for this elycia, its super exciting!!

  5. I don't know if I am qualified for the drawing because I didn't blog about it, but I did eat veggie for one meal every day last month.

  6. My blog name is up there - I'm so excited! I'm kinda half carrying on now in to November - try to have at least one day a week as a vegetarian.

  7. oh how i love photobooth...but every time i open it i feel like a loser...all i see is me...making stupid faces...hahaha

  8. Congrats on the mac! Can't wait to see if I win...

  9. Love my MacbookPro! You will have so much fun with it! xo! mindy @msartin

  10. I participated! Not the best contribution but i tried! :)

  11. i love my macbook pro...congrats on the great buy!!

  12. Woooooot wooot for a new mac book - the best!!!
    I want to be entered :) please!

    ps your hair is just the best!!! Everyone around must always be in a good mood - soo pretty!


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