Monday, November 1, 2010

our little trip...

i didn't want to say anything until it was for sure (plane tickets confirmed, passports renewed, etc) but everything is nicely sorted now so...ivan and i are going to...

yeah! i am pretty excited. i have never been to vegas. my dad and his wife are going to be down there in their RV so ivan and i are going to stay with them for about 9 days! we leave next friday! eeks!

so...2 things...

1. what do we NEED to do while we're there? does anyone know of any amazing vegetarian restaurants we should check out? i would love any Vegas related suggestions.

2. i was wondering if anyone is interested in doing a guest post while i am away? i will have computer access but i would love to take this opportunity to welcome a few guest bloggers. I have a few lined up already so if you are interested please send me an email at loveelycia[at]hotmail[dot]com with a link to your blog and your guest post idea! if anyone is interested it would be great to have the guest posts in by Nov 10 at the latest :)

i will be back tomorrow with another announcement!


  1. oh you are going to have sooo much fun! the mister is going to be there this weekend too for a bachelor party! it is his first time too!

    have tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!


  2. i just love vegas!! my hubby and I eloped there two years ago. it was the best night ever. i'd say staying up way past your bedtime and playing downtown is a must. xoxo mindy @msartin

  3. I've never been there, but I look forward to seeing your photos :)

  4. the only time i've been to vegas was when i was 12 or 13...kind of a funny place to go for a family vacation but there is TONS to do there no matter how old you are. we stayed at the excalibur, the one that looks like a huge castle and it was so much fun! since this was like 10+ years ago i don't know if they have the same stuff but some of the things i loved were: going to the M&M and Coca-Cola store's as they are massive & so cute inside, i loved walking the strip and checking out all of the casinos and MUST SEE is actually going outside of the downtown strip into the desert...we went to the grand canyon and it was amazing!! there's more to vegas then just the lights and noise! oh and also...if you're flying in at night time, it's so so SO neat looking out your window and seeing this clump of lights in an otherwise dark landscape; so amazing!!!

    you're going to have a blast!! when do you leave??

    also. is your next announcement that you two are getting hitched by elvis in a tiny cute chapel while you're there?? hehehe :)

    i'd love to do a guest post but i'm not sure i have any amazing ideas for one...

  5. Ah, that's awesome! Have a great time! I can't wait to hear about it when you guys get back!! :) You're going to have a blast.

  6. Have fun in Vegas! My favorite was the Venetian. Second best thing to the real Italy.


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