Sunday, November 14, 2010

vegas update!


so far we have been major vegas wimps. no partying!we're not big party people anyways but i didn't expect the time change to be this hard to adjust to...we are sleepy by 7 pm. haha, we suck. tonight we are going to try our hardest to stay awake and hang out at some of the super amazing hotels!

yesterday (during the day) we went to check out The Venetian.
it is crazy huge!

we walked around inside and, among other things, there was a gallery for a photographer named Peter Lik.
he has some amazing photos (my favourite are these tree ones) and they are all printed on silver halide paper. it makes the photos look like they are back lit and as the lighting in the room changes, different things stand out in the photo. pretty cool!

that's all for now!
love, elycia


  1. Have fun! If you get a chance you should check out the Neon Museum- it is just off the strip and has a collection of all the old signs-

  2. So cool... I'm taking my BF and his bestie to vegas next for their birthday's. I can't wait.

  3. oh my gosh those photos are amazing!

    Have tons of fun!

  4. Beautiful pics! I don't know what I'd do in Vegas. I'm not a party girl and I don't like to gamble. I could always take pictures, though.

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  6. We loved the Venetian! It was our favorite :)

  7. I saw the peter lik store too, his work is awesome!

  8. Those are GORGEOUS photos, I would love to see that gallery! Hope you're having a wonderful time & staying up a bit later! ;)

  9. Ha! I'd be a vegas wimp too! I'd love to go to Vegas just to walk around.


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