Saturday, November 13, 2010

we made it to vegas! i have had serious problems getting on the internet today...i didn't know airports charge you to use wifi! are some great things.

5. this song.

very appropriate.

4. chalkboard jewelry from coco delay

3. 'know it all' pencils!
2. adorable pug salt and pepper shakers!

1. pretty dress (i always like a dress)

i love the cut outs!

well, i'm exhausted...time for bed. i have a few great guest bloggers stopping by this week and hopefully i will also be able to give some trip updates! have a fun weekend!

love, elycia


  1. That dress is adorable and I love those know it all pencils! Have a lovely time in Vegas. I am extremely jealous of you (:

  2. do you ever watch bones? that guy in the video is in a bunch of episodes!
    and have fun in vegas! :D

  3. Just found your blog, so cute!
    Vegas is my hometown, and being a veggie myself I can recommend an amazing place to go, if you'd like. It's about 10min off the strip - called Paymon's (Look up the Maryland prkwy location):

    Amazing hummus, falafel, etc. Plus there's a pretty rad hookah lounge attached.
    Hope you have fun! ..Jill

  4. i also love this song from katy perry! and the dress from modlcoth is perfect!

    have a nice sunday! :)

  5. Jill, thank you so much!!! we will try to check that out for sure :)

  6. i love those pencils...what a cute idea!

    have fun in vegas : )

  7. i love the chalkboard jewelry! oh so cute!



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