Wednesday, December 29, 2010

blog facelift time

there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes here over the last couple of days. i have started my blog facelift and i can't wait to share it!
before i went into engineering i did a year of humanities where i focused on multimedia. when we were doing projects we were encouraged to put together a colour swatch of all the different colours we wanted to incorporate into what we were working on. i did this the other day for my blog makeover! so fun! i thought i would share a little peek :)
the pink and yellow are 'minor' colours. the main focus will be on the blues, greens and greys. i can't wait to finish all of my changes and new sections! i'm hoping to have everything ready sometime in january.

do you do your own blog design or hire someone else to do it? do you make colour swatches? what is your creative process?



  1. Ooh! I love a good blog makeover - always so exciting to see how others express their individuality and personality electronically (ok, those were some big words!!) Can't wait to see how yours turns out :)

    For myself, I enjoy doing it myself (like you I have creative training), and for the moment that suits me fine as I like figuring things out for myself. My latest blog 'scheme' was born out of a series of photos I took on a whim one day. From there the colour scheme was born, whilst the fonts and 'widgets' came from looking at lots of blogs and analysing why I liked what I liked on them.

    Of course, a blog is very much a constant work in progress, and being creative it's nice to shake out the cobwebs and revitalise things every once in a while ;)

    I'll be watching :) In the meantime, have a super New Year's, xo

  2. I'm almost done working on my new blog!!! Yay! I love the colors :)

  3. New year, fresh start? Sounds like fun! I love the color scheme that you've chosen, my kind of colors! I can't wait to see the finished piece.
    Happy New Year to you and your family and all the luck in the world!

  4. I love doing my design, its never too complicated, but I work on it. The process is painful sometimes, I've going through that these days too, so I guess sometime in Jan I'll have it too, I wonder if Im too picky...

  5. I actually do all of mine using Paint right now. I just got photoshop for christmas and I am hoping to learn how to use it. But as of now it seems really confusing! I did a tutorial on how to make a blog header using only paint and people seemed to enjoy that!

  6. Nice!! I love those colors. Can't wait to see your revamped blog!

    Our 'artsy ants' blog is relatively new, so a facelift will have to wait for a few months.

    But yes, we started with color swatches, they were circles instead of squares. We liked the circles/ dots so much that they became part of the design.

  7. Can't wait to see the new design! (am intrigued by your colours, and am anxious to see how you use them).

    I do all of my own design and, depending on the project, approach it in different ways...sometimes it's a colour palette, sometimes an image, a particular type of content, or sometimes it's just a feeling I want to convey that inspires me. Once I've got a decent look/feel/layout, I commence tearing it apart, and re-working it (I'm my own worst critic)...unless, of course, I'm creating the layout for work (I'm a designer by trade), in which case, I leave good enough alone!

  8. I haven't had the chance to really dedicate myself to a complete re-design for my website, but this has inspired me. For my current design I chose my favorite web-design colors.

    I do a lot of brainstorming for my personal designs but never have enough time to execute them exactly as I want :)

  9. Color swatches? Gosh, that's really great idea.

    Those colors look really great together, can't wait to see your new layout! :)

  10. Love the colors! Can't wait to see the changes!
    Just did a little makeover myself...need a change every once in a while!

    Happy New Year!


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