Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cat ♥

farva and anakin like hanging out with me upstairs in my studio/craft room. can you see their little tongues in the first photo? i want to hug them right now!


ps. is everyone finished their christmas shopping? ivan and i need to do most of ours tonight. eeks! however, i did order a bunch of Funk Off! products for gifts quite a while ago. if you still haven't tried Funk Off! you definitely should! Michelle and Chad make awesome stuff!


  1. I love the spots on your orange kitty's nose! Adorable!

  2. Oh, I just love your kitties! My husband and I have been considering a new boy kitty for our girl kitty. Right now she only has two pooches to play with and we think she needs a guy pal all her own.
    Your pictures are adorable!

  3. They're adorable! :) My two just like to run through the house destroying things.

  4. i love the first picture! they are just so adorable! i wonder if my rosie is going to grow anymore...she is still so tiny!


  5. Your kitties are so cute! My boyfriend and I have one little furry girl named Chloe and I love her to death!

  6. funk off is GRAND :D
    your kittehs are adorable! i'm kinda allergic...oh how i wish i could shove my face into all that furr! hahaha

  7. Your kitties are sooo cute! Your post went up today btw :) hope you are doing ok after the accident!!


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