Friday, December 24, 2010

vegan candy cane ice cream

hi friends! i will be back shortly with some things i love but for now check out my guest post over on Brittni's blog with love from michigan for a super yummy 'recipe' for vegan candy cane ice cream. it is soooo good!

and before i is a story:
Ivan and i were at the bookstore on Wednesday night buying a few books for presents and ourselves. i was looking for the book graceling after i saw roxy mention it on her blog. they said there were 4 in stock but they were having a terrible time finding one. Ivan and i were waiting just off to the side of the line while they looked for about 10 minutes. i felt bad that i was making them search so hard! finally they found one in the back room (i think it was in the wrong spot or something). anyways...we got to cut back into line once we had the book. Here's the good part...they have these cards that they scan to see if you might win some money off your purchase. and...we won our whole purchase! $80 worth of books for free! we were so excited and the employees were happy too! they said it was the 3rd winner that day! it made our night :)

wow, that turned out to be a really long story, haha. i probably could have just told you the exciting "we won some books" part.



  1. You won free books? How cool is that?! That would make me excited if I won free books, too.


  2. I love your guest post!
    Thank you for the recipe, Elycia. Peppermint and chocolate is the most killer combination!
    Oh yum.


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