Friday, December 10, 2010

hello :) i meant to thank everyone for their super nice comments on my video tutorial. i had a lot of fun making the tutorial and i will definitely be doing more video blogging in the future. thanks for being so sweet you guys! are some things i ♥ this week.

5. pretty dark hair
this ladies are seriously tempting me to go dark again! i still love my white hair but maybe after the wedding i will switch it up a bit. what do you think?

4. tote bags
1. 2. 3.
i am obsessed with tote bags lately. i got a free one from all-mighty when i ordered some dainty june clothes and i am hooked. i ditched my purses and i am exclusively using my all-mighty tote.

3. super cute plush from riley construction
1. 2. 3.
how cute is this stuff?! seriously! these would make amazing gifts for kids...big and little :)

2. crafty momiji dolls
1. 2.
too bad/good thing they are out of stock! they are adorable.

what a great gift idea. these are adorable.

so i accomplished my objective of cleaning my studio yesterday. today i will tackle the basement...that job is a bit larger. ready set go!



  1. I gotta say, I just (like 2 months ago) went from blonde to dark brown almost black and I couldn't be happier. Someone even told me I look like snow white the other day.

    You look really great as a blonde. And I love the different colors you put in your hair. I had some blue in my blonde and I do miss that.

  2. Everything about this post is lovely. I love your blog, Elycia!

  3. Thanks or sharing! So many great things!

  4. i am totally loving everything on this list! <3


  5. I used to dislike dark hair but now I love it!

  6. I go back and forth between blackish and red hair. I want to go black again because I haven't for a while, but my bf says, "No, don't be a goth girl again." I think I'll just do what I want ^_^

    Red hair:


  7. Ugh, Keiko Lynn's so beautiful it makes me want to hurl. She's also a badass with a sewing machine.

  8. How hilarious is that pincushion! You could use it as an anger management tool ;)

  9. please don't go for dark hair, you look really amazing with white hair!


  10. I love your blog and this list - especially the softies!!!

  11. Thanks for the mention Elycia! I might be dying over that sewing machine softie. Wishing it was a bit earlier so I could add it to my Christmas list!


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