Thursday, December 16, 2010

i ♥ etsy - Rae of Light

introducing Rae of Light Photography, a fellow BESTeam member. trained in photography by helpful family members, the lady behind Rae of Light stays relaxed and happy by capturing the world with 35mm film. she has taken some amazing shots and is an animal lover which is a major bonus in my books. her dog Ralphie is still getting used to the camera clicks :) Rae of Light on etsy has fine art prints, calenders, puzzles, magnets and even a few vintage cameras for sale. here are a few items...

1. 2. 3.
you can also pop by the Rae of Light blog "Attempts at Being Artistic" and say hi.


ps. i did something suuuuper cute to one of my cardigans today...i will have to show you tomorrow maybe. ♥

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