Friday, December 17, 2010

 i'll be back later to show you my cardigan makeover (or as ivan called it 'how to wreck a cardigan', haha). don't worry it's cute, ivan was just being silly.

 for now here are a few awesome things :)

5. rainbow brite drawings by tiffany
i have loved rainbow brite for as long as i can remember. my WHOLE room used to be decorated in rainbow brite ♥. i found Tiffany's blog through Danielle's Tattoo Tuesday. i love love love these drawings and tiffany has some realllly pretty tattoos as well! so cute.

4. these shoes!
these shoes from modcloth are bonkers amazing! sooooo cool! i them.

3. paper snowflakes
1. 2.
becky has some instructions on how to cut pretty snowflakes over on her blog strumpet's crumpets. becky is awesome!
here is a link to another site of snowflake patterns.

2. this super cute diy
sooo cute!

isn't it adorable?

talk to you soon,


  1. How lovely!!!
    Happy Friday!!

  2. Cool stuff! I e-mailed you with pics. of the holly headband I made!


  3. All those items are super cute, I'd probably kill myself in those shoes though! :-)


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