Monday, December 20, 2010

sneak peeks

a few pretty things.
*i'll tell you more about this later!* ^
some pretty headband packaging.
adorable decoration i received from zoe, thanks!
i wore this when i was little. there was a matching one for my cabbage patch kid...actually you can see her orange hair on the left.
i might need to clean those kitties a little...but they are so cute!

are you having a good day? i hope so!


ps. don't forget to get in your questions if you would like to ask me something :)


  1. your headband packaging is zeeee best!!!

  2. i love your packaging! that is something i need to improve on for my shop. i LOVE when you get a wonderful little package!


  3. i love those hearts...can't wait to get more details about them!

  4. wait is that a heart patch lol
    look me too:
    I love my hoodie and it got a hole!

    That lil red dress melts my heart! too cute!

  5. these are so cute! your blog is so inspiring - I love it!


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