Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tell me what you want, what you really, really want (to know)

 hello :)

it has been so long since i have done a Q&A (1 & 2) here on the blog. i thought i would take some questions and do a post to answer them...maybe even a video post!

so...ask away!



  1. Why oh why did you have to get the Spice Girls stuck in my head? bahahaha just kidding!

  2. when and why did u decide to dye ur hair like that? it's awesome <3

  3. omg.... i am addicted to that song, lol! :)

    If it isn't too personal, are you a christian? If so, what religion? :)

    How much is there of an age difference between you and Ivan?


  4. thanks for the sweet compliment! my sister in law made the owls...she is the one that makes super cute owl hats on etsy...you did a post with one of her items...it may have been a panda...i;m sure if you emailed her she would totally make them for you!

    keep posting the wedding ideas, i LOVED planning ours it was oh so much fun!

    question: (now this is super silly) if you could live as one cartoon character which one would it be and why? hehehe


  5. what is your favorite band/artist?!

  6. What word do you the most difficulty spelling?

  7. ...asks the girl who can't form a complete sentence

  8. What is your biggest, craziest dream?

  9. Any tips for hair dying - I always end up dying my ears and my forehead an interesting shade of the dye I'm using - last time I had rosy red ears!

  10. You just stuck that song in my head!!! ;)

    1. What bloggers do you want to meet in real life?

    2. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

    3. Where did those awesome shoes come from that are on your blog banner??? :o)

    4. Favourite food?

    5. Favourite pattern/print?

    6. Do you like knitting/crocheting or sewing better?


  11. Hmm... Questions...

    1. If you could buy anything right now, what would it be?

    2. What's your favourite colour combination?

    3. When did you start crafting and what was your first craft?


  12. what kind of camera and editing programs do you use?? your photography skills are great. (sorry if this was already asked)


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