Saturday, January 1, 2011

hello 2011

this is the first year i have actually written down goals for the coming year. i thought i would share a couple with you.
 1. project 365
yes, i'm doing it! i have been looking forward to starting this for like 10 months, haha. for more info on the 365 project visit the dainty squid. kaylah did a great post today.

2. at least seven blog posts each week
fingers crossed on this one. i have a lot of things in mind for the blog and i think i will be able accomplish this goal.

3. update ♥elycia shop every month
i have been majorly slacking in the update department. i have some cute ideas that i can't wait to share!

4. restyle at least 6 vintage/unused items this year
project restyle totally has me motivated for this one. i have one dress already that i have been meaning to give new life...ready set restyle!

5. finish 1 painting each month
this one is my girl thursday inspired. i started painting again in the summer but i haven't actually finished anything yet, haha.

6. illustrate one page of book every two weeks
my awesome friend wrote a children's book (hopefully i'll share more on it soon) and asked me to illustrate it. i am so embarassed that i don't have anything good to show her yet. i hope to actually do more than a page every two weeks but i don't want to scare myself by setting a larger goal.

7. get tattooed
i know what i want and where i want it and the place i want to have it done at. i am just such a procrastinator i haven't taken the steps to make it happen. this year!

8. post at least 1 video blog and 1 diy each month.
i am super excited about video blogs and diys, hopefully i will do more that this but i think it is a reasonable goal.

9. start taking more photos with film
i miss real film cameras. i think this will be fun

ok so, i actually have a whole page of goals, haha. i won't share all of them though. these are just the creative/blog related ones.

have you set goals for yourself this year? care to share?



  1. Wonderful blog goals! Good luck with them and I hope you had a great New Years! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  2. We're on the same page photo-wise - I'm doing the 365 project too, AND I want to do more with film!

  3. Mine are mainly creative goals, too! I am also trying the 365 project should be pretty easy for me, especially with a cell phone. I need to reopen and create new things to my Etsy shop, with all my wedding stuff, I haven't had it open in months. I just need to RE-organize my craft room and start crafting :) Good luck!!!

  4. Hello!:) I've made a little list, too in this post!:)

  5. very very good blog goals, actually gave me a few to add to my own list! xoxo

  6. YES! New Years is my favorite time of year... I love being able to 'reset' and make the most of the next 12 months. I made a post on my blog of the things I want to accomplish :)

  7. I love the idea of taking more photos with real film! I do that, too, and it is so much fun!

  8. great goals! can't wait for you to share your tattoo idea!


  9. great goals! I really want to learn how to sew this year!

  10. This is a long list...I think I have five. I'm usually against setting resolutions because a year is a lot of opportunities to fail. One of my goals is to do Project 365. Two days down, two photos taken. Baby steps, right? :)

  11. wow, that's a hefty list, but of great goals. (especially beneficial to those of us that read you)
    my only goal this year is to take a portfolio-worthy photo a week.
    if you're ever in toronto and would like to model, we could plan something cool.
    cheers and happy 2011!

  12. I felt like I was reading parts of my own goals list!


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