Friday, February 11, 2011

here are some great things.

5. indie jane's flickr photostream
i loooove amanda's outfits all the time and she is an amazing photographer as well.

4. look books.
the red velvet lookbook is beautiful!

i love the ballet theme of the lipgloss & black lookbook! fun fact...sylvia (one of the ladies behind lipgloss & black) and i went to school together. she's awesome.

3. this pouch!
i was snooping around the dainty squid on etsy the other day and found this pretty pouch. i loooove the way the buttons are sewn on. so cute. kaylah makes the best pouches.

2. turban headbands
hehe, i love the word babooshka
red velvet
a few blog friends have posted tutorials this week as well!

allison from crafted love posted this one.

carly from teacups and bubblebaths even posted a video :)

ps. both of those girls are awesome!

1. vanilla lattes
i think i need one today. the house is freezing and my toesies are super chilly! now the i make it myself or be a lazy bum and get one from starbucks? we'll see!

today we are getting the last 2 bridesmaid's measured for their dresses and then hopefully we will order them soon! i hope you're having a good day!



  1. I think you should save money and make it yourself!

    I also like these things, although it's a strange new style.

  2. I like all of these except the turban. Haha, I just can't get into it. Oh, and if I wanted a vanilla latte I'd probably end up going out and getting one :P

  3. i love that space shirt! super cool!! the mister has one that glows in the dark...i get major envious when he wears it :D allison posted a great tutorial..she is super great!


  4. wallflower, haha, yes i did make one myself :) i like saving money.

    kelsey, i had to warm up to the turban...but i'm warm now!

    cb, a glow in the dark shirt?! that's awesome!!

  5. So many awesome things in this post. ♥ Yummo! A latte would be nothing short of perfect right about now. =]


  6. Vanilla Lattes! Yummy!

    And i just fell in love with the flikr photo-stream! Ahh! TO beautiful :)

  7. YOU are awesome!!

    I'm so happy to be in the company of turbans, lattes & a space shirt. totally faves for me too :)! I always wonder how you manage to find 5 awesome things a week! love love love.

  8. hey that's me!! haha. i'm glad you liked my tutorial. it's super so you have to try it!

    that first girl is so pretty, wow.

  9. have you seen the green hornet? coffee is a big part at the beginning and it's always got that leaf in it. hahaha

  10. the girl in the first 3 pics looks like you!

  11. dawwww, i just started following your blog on bloglovin and just saw this. you're great! :D


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