Sunday, February 6, 2011

how to say my name

oh geeze, i always feel like i need to explain myself after making videos. haha. maybe i should just keep my mouth shut. ha. you'll see.

my name & hat vs hot from love elycia on Vimeo.

i really don't think it's funny in a mean way, i love that people say things differently and i possibly have a strange sense of humour. see, maybe you can laugh at the way i insert 'u's into words that you don't think should have 'u's. haha. i just loooove misunderstandings that come from different pronunciations. i think those are the funniest, eh. (canadian joke)

how do you say hat & hot? like me or different? maybe you don't want to tell me now, haha, i promise, i love my american friends and the cute ways you say things!

love, elycia


  1. ......I have been pronouncing your name wrong this whole time and never knew in till now XD

  2. Haha! I thought the hat vs. hot stories were funny :) You are so cute!

  3. I LOVE the way people pronounce things too! As an Aussie I'm told we 'shift' every vowel, I have no idea what that means but I think it means I talk funny. But I do say 'hat' the same as you. And I've very disappointed that you didn't say 'about'! What's a canadian vlog without the word 'about'!?

  4. i love your cute little accent!
    especially your "o" sounds. haha.
    also, i've been pronouncing your name like:
    uh-lee-see-uh...this whole time!
    haha. i'm glad i know now.

    people always say/spell my name wrong, too.
    it can be frustrating, but it's also suuuper funny.

  5. You have the cutest voice ever and you are soooooo pretty!
    My hubby and I had the misfortune of living in Arkansas for a couple of years. That was a complete culture shock for us coming from California. Well, anyways. Those people supposedly speak english, but you sure can't tell. They call shopping carts "buggies". All I can say is we could'nt get out of that state fast enough!

  6. your vlog is cute!
    Hahahah..that hat vs hot story is hilarious !!
    But I think that what makes us all unique, different country, different dialect.

  7. you totally had me worried there for a second...i was like "oh no...what if I'M saying it wrong" (in my head) haha but i don't!

    you look SO cute in red lipstick! i hope you're planning on wearing red for the big day ♥

  8. <3 I think I mailed your name almost perfect in my vid the other day woo, where I live I hear my name so horribly ppl usually think cindy comes from cindia or cinthia and that its a nickname, its not! My mom was a cyndi lauper freak soooo I'm name after her, thou the spelling its not the same, the most horrible part is my 2nd name which is Lou in the states ppl knows how to read it cause its normal there, here ppl will say something near the word LOW reading it in spanish (the W making the sound of our U) its kind of annoying to hear it like that but I guess Im used to it by now.

    I really loved ur inside jokes on how ppl say things my major is in language and I deal with it all the time, and I also think its really funny, since english is the 2nd language here is funny to hear so many random things like the other say I was telling my bf how to properly say the word ISLAND, ppl tend to pronounce the S which makes it sound like your saying Ice land, so he was amazed and stupefied when I told him he was saying it wrong, he hates me for it he doesn't like that is not Ice land anymore! LOL anyway sorry for the super long reply :p

  9. *nailed your name not mailed damn typos!

  10. I've been saying it kind of like Lydia did. But pronouncing the "E".

    Like: Eee-Lee-cee-uh
    I'm still going to say it like that in my head.

  11. aww i love your video! so makes me want to try one :)
    soooo just a few little responses...
    -i have been saying your name worong in my head, i thought it was ah-lee-see-ah...
    -yay canada! sick of snow too though :( lol
    -thanks for the tip on the lipsticks, i think i will try stains.
    happy sunday lady!!

  12. that's actually such a funny difference "heeats."
    the accents between americans and canadians is sometimes a lot more distinct than you'd think :P

  13. I'm super proud of myself. I have been pronouncing your name the right way this entire time! Yea for me! I have a few friends with the same name, they just spell it Alicia. Great stories by the way. I was cracking up the whole time.

  14. At the basic English course that was required at my university the professor was allowed to select the topic. He was a big linguistics buff so we spent the entire semester talking about they different ways people speak, and the different words people use for the same thing. It's not something I became super interested in but I notice it so much more because of that class. Just last weekend I asked a lady where the restroom was and she began to say "by the bubbler" and switched to "by the drinking fountain". I was also saying your name wrong, so thanks for letting us know :)

  15. I have two relevant stories, both took place while i had a 6 month work visa in England (I am American...) and i worked in a bookshop.

    Customer came in and stated "I am looking for books on to buy"

    After I stupidly stated "we have MANY books to buy" and tried to find out his reading preferences, my helpful coworker found him the books on Dubai that he was looking for. Customer equated this to him asking for "Homer" and me showing him books on "The Simpsons." I was insulted however, I get that the accent misunderstanding was slightly ridiculous :-p

    story #2

    customer came in looking for "American Sidecar."

    Apparently she meant "American Psycho."

    Yes, this does make much more sense. woops!

  16. Jeez I love your accent! Those stories were actually funny to me. haha! I have so been saying your name wrong for like forever. SORRY! haha! ♥♥ I say hot and hat like you do... the normal way! haha!


  17. This was really cute! I like your accent. I did the regional dialect video post thing too & I thought it was quite fun. If you want you should check it out on my blog. I'm from Texas, so I sound a bit different from you!


  18. oh gosh, i know you've already heard this a million times, but you're just waaaaay too cute.

    i've never seen your videos before but now i just want to watch all of them!

    i also laughed pretty intensely at the way the lady in the mall said hat. i've never heard that before.

  19. you are so adorable, and your video cracked me up!

    i thnk you look great in lipstick, and if you hadn't said you were practicing, i would have thought you wore it all the time. my husband laughs at me too when i try new eyeshadow colors (i'm still not brave enough to try lipstick).

    i love hearing different accents, and it's so funny the way people say certain words. when i moved to pennsylvania from virginia, i don't think they could understand half of what i said, and vice versa!

  20. I never use to follow your blog much until I saw one of your video blogs. I just want to say it made me love you a lot!

  21. omg! i get the same mis-pronunciations too! from aleecia, alisha, allison, ashley, ugh! in school i just wouldn't raise my hand when they called attendance and said my name wrong lol

  22. hahah i loved that video, especially the hat vs hot!! hilarious. for a little while a few years ago i lived with an american and british girl (and im canadian) and we used to sit around all the time and talk about the weird ways we all say things!! its so funny.
    ohh and i like that lip stick, it looks good on you!

  23. i have family from michigan and i make fun of them all the time for saying words goofy. i am from iowa and we are one of only a couple states that really lack an accent entirely. i thought you're video was hilarious, and totally true. also you look beautiful in lipstick!

  24. Too cute, Elycia!

    I thought your stories were funny, hahaha. I lol-ed. And I'm totally going to try Revlon's lip stain! I use Maybelline's and I find it doesn't last very long at all.

  25. I say hat and hot like you--I love when people say it completely different then me, it's fun. :)

    I've been trying to find a lipstick that I think looks good on me. I keep hearing people talk about Revlon--maybe I'll try a color from them next! I don't think lipstick looks strange on you at all. :D

  26. I was pronouncing it right *high fives*

    Also, you look great in lippy. Really. You have a good complexion for it, my complexion sucks for any lipstick besides the perfect shade of nude or really dark which makse me look totally gothic. So hurrah! Keep wearing it =)

    Also, you are great.

  27. haha i love this post!!

    i am totally in the same boat with you on this whole lipstick thing. I've been trying to wear it more but I feel like maybe it looks weird on me...or maybe its just that people definitly notice it, because i dont usually wear it. either way i think people are looking at me funny. lol. i agree too that the stains are much better, you dont have to worry about how it looks and if its starting to wear off.


  28. Who are these girls and why were they saying "heeats"... It made me laugh too, so it's not just you!

    I will admit that i've been saying your name wrong! Over here the spelling for 'uh-li-see-ya' (The way you say it.) is Alicia and the spelling for "e-le-cee-a" (The way that I was saying it - i'm sorry!) is Elycia. So I was completely wrong! I'm sorry. People get my name wrong all the time so I know how it feels!

    Also, the whole time your video was playing Rex was staring at the screen and kept tilting his head! It was adorable! x

  29. haha this is so funny! my co worker is originally from minnasota and once in a while her accent will pop up and it is soo cute! i just love it! i make her do it on purpose on and again ;D


  30. informative post, haha. i have actually been reading your name as el-ee-see-ah, so good to be set straight! i think you look darling in lipstick and your videos are so darling to watch. and i like our humor. you seem like you would make such a great friend ♥

  31. LOL Elycia, I was seriously laughing out loud the entire video. We should be BFF. "He meant hot...........maybe that's not funny to you." You're so adorable and I think it's all so hilarious, just the same way people probably think our Canadian accents are ridiculous. (Even though I swear I don't say "aboot" grrrr...) You need to do videos more, you are the cuuuutest!
    Also I have the SAME fear of lipstick and my friends keep telling me to wear it because I have "big luscious" lips. Hahah. It really does look great on you though.

  32. HAHAHAH! i loved when you said, "i think its funny, because im really immature."

    HAHAH! That made my night.

  33. HAHA you are hilarious!

    I'm from Michigan (even though I live in BC...hehe) and I say Hat and hot the same way you do....that girl must have been from a southern state and just living in MI..although I am told I have a weird accent living out here. Anyways, the lip stain looks KILLER on you! keep it up! Shane would laugh at me too, I just feel like people with dark hair/eyes/eyebrows can't pull red lips off (that would be me!). But it looks nice on you :)

  34. you
    cuuuutest. and yes, you say hat correctly. east coast and mid westerners in the US say stuff SO weirdly!!!
    I'm a california girl, mostly, so i just over annunciate everything :)

    xo. Moorea

  35. The lipstick looks good on you
    I have the exact color " once bitten"
    I like the stains because you dont have to worry about it being on your teeth after having a conversation with someone and then you look in the mirror and you have lipstick all over your teeth, almost as bad as a booger in your nose and not knowing.giggle

  36. Aww I love you!! You are the cutest & so funny! :) :)

  37. hahahahahahaha i was laughing so hard while I was watching this. And you do a pretty hilarious Michigan accent! Hahaha and the end made me LOL too about the runny cookies... so random, hah. It's like, well it's 12:30 (man, and I wanted to get to bed early tonight!) and I'm just sitting here laughing so hard watching this video... Squirt is staring at me like I'm crazy. OH and I have been watching too much Jersey Shore lately (yeah, yeah... it's on Rogers on Demand right now... bahahaha.) so when you said Polly told you to use that lipstick... I totally thought you meant Pauly D. Ha okay time for bed...

    (OH and I think it's so funny people think YOU have an accent!)

    Okay one last thing, ha! I have a video of Keith & one of our friends saying "beer can" in a British accent and then "bacon" in a Jamaican accent and it sounds the same! Or maybe "beer can" is in the Jamaican accent and "bacon" is in the British accent. Either way, it's pretty hilarious. Haha! I should post it... if I can ever figure out how to upload things from my blackberry onto this damn computer!

  38. haha! both stories are so funny! me and my brother constantly poke fun at my mum and dad because they say warsh, instead of wash!

  39. OMG YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVERRRRRRR! And I want that lipstick! Chris is grossed out by anything but Chapstick, but he can just deal with it because that one is so pretty!! xoxo

  40. I really like your sense of humor and YES, it's SO FUNNY when people say things differently and the misunderstandings after that are HILARIOUS!
    You look great with lipstick on, you should do it more often. I SHOULD DO IT more often too but I also think that I'm ridiculous wearing it. It seems that's too much on me.
    Oh, and I love your voice! It kind of "tickles my ears"(it's funny but that's the sense I'm getting when I really like someone's voice! I'M WEIRD!)

  41. eek I feel bad because Ive been thinking your name was pronounced El ee see ah! oops, im sorry ;)
    and hehe your videos are always the cutest, I think its funny when people say words different and funny too..I also think your accent is adorable and funny in a good way of course! ;)

  42. i think i had 3 different possibilities in my mind of how to pronounce your name.
    what i think is funny: i was working on your animation this morning and my hubby asked what i was doing. "i wanted to say the animation for elyica" but then i stopped at the first two letters of your name realizing that i was uncertain of the pronunciation and just described who you are.
    then i visit your blog a few minutes later and there you have a video of how to say your name right!

    also, people keep telling me "oh, you have an accent! i wish i had one", and i tell them back: "you have an accent too, just go somewhere else and people will tell you you have an accent as well!"

  43. I'm kind of surprised you use revlon and covergirl, aren't you vegan? There's heaps of vegan make-up options out there, if you're aware of the animal cruelty within the food industry, I hope you can realise that the cosmetic industry contributes just as much suffering. Just a thought.

  44. yes anonymous, i understand what you're saying. as i have mentioned in the past i call myself vegan but i don't consider myself fully vegan yet. i have been cutting animal products out of different aspects of my life for the past year. you are definitely right that i should make the move towards cruelty-free make up but i haven't taken that step yet. i don't want to be 'all or nothing' and i feel happy that i am reducing animal suffering with what i am doing so far.

    thanks for your input, and i wasn't offended at all by your comment so you didn't have to post anonymously :) next time tell me who you are! i'm nosey.

  45. oh yeah, and i meant to say...sorry if i offended you by talking about non vegan products :) i guess i really shouldn't promote them!

  46. Yay! I say your name right! I also say "hat" the same. ;) It's funny (not in a bad way) how people say things differently.


  47. Haha, you have a cute laugh. And I think you rock the lipstick look!

  48. i love this video and all the others.. i watched all your videos!!! and i think your funny. and i looooove your hair and your style... you´re so beautiful! and your cats are cute. :)
    have a lovely day!
    xoxo, pink lady <3

  49. You are tooooo cute :D I usually find these videos can be a little annoying but this made me giggle in all the right places haha. Good joooob! Oh and I mentioned you over on my blog in a recent post, hope you don't mind :)

    P.S. Kepp rocking the lipstick, don't listen to Ivan, boys know nothing :P

    LolaDee xo

  50. First off, your video is so cute! ^_^

    Secondly, where I'm from, we say hat and hot just like you do. Here in Indiana, we are considered to have a pretty neutral accent, like we are the 'standard' English accent.

  51. Bahaha how cute are you!! Hysterical! Being from Chicago, you totally just described the way I talk (which is more typical of a southside Chicagoan). "Two, tree uh dem over dere", that's how I get made fun of saying "Two or three of them over there".

  52. oh my gosh! this video was super cute. i love hearing how other people talk/act. as you know, i'm from new york...and we say 'hat' and 'hot' the same way. haha, accents are so silly

  53. I live on Vancouver Island and I work in a tattoo shop. We had this guy from Nova Scotia come in and ask me for a "loitus" I went ahead and booked him for a lotus on his arm.

    He came in for his appointment later on, and uh, he wanted a LIGHT HOUSE! haha it was so embarrassing!

  54. you guys are too nice!

    that girl in tattoos, i would love to hear you talk! hehe, so cute!

    nova, oh my goodness! that is soooo funny!

  55. Hahahaha! I think the pronunciation difference is an east coast/ west coast thing.
    Like the nail color, by the way! :)

  56. George and I watched this video together earlier today. Every time you laughed she would laugh "HAHAHA!" really loud. Then she jumped off my lap and ran to get into some trouble. Your video was still running and just as I close the lid to the laptop you said "Oh crap!" - I felt like I was getting caught. ;D

  57. love your videos. it's like i'm hanging out with a silly friend. now i want to come over and paint our nails together.=)

    oh, and i think saying about like "aboot" is hilarious. john and i always say in our best canadian accent "whattaya tahkin aboot?!" (what are you talking about. hehe)

  58. That is pretty funny. I am from the U.S. and I say hat the same way you do. Sometimes people over pronounce things here, though. Ummm, like people here say "apricot" with the A sound like "apple," but I say it with the A sound of "asymmetrical." Does that make sense? Anyways my friends always make fun of me for it and I think I got that from California, where I used to live. Haha.

    Xo Chloe.


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