Tuesday, February 8, 2011

some things you may or may not want to know

originally i was only going to post like 6 facts but leona kind of 'challenged' me to do 30. well, not really challenged, haha, she just mentioned that she would like to know 30 facts. i guess i took that as a challenge.

so here they are...some are kind of gross. you have been warned!

1. i love to eat icing. just icing. really, cupcakes are just an excuse for me to eat icing.

2. i am really messy. like embarassingly messy. i love when i get things organized but i just can't make it last.

3. i am a major hoarder. it kills me to get rid of things because of the small chance that i may want to use them/wear them again someday. i used to be even worse than i am now. when i went to australia in highschool i kept almost everything from there...including wrappers of things and other 'garbage'. i love australia!

4. i drink soy milk straight from the container. no one else in the house drinks it but they still think it's gross. i love doing it.

5. i am a painfully bad liar. i don't like lying...i don't even like not telling the whole truth. sometimes i give too much information.

6. i love cleaning my ears (sorry if that's gross!). it is so satisfying and i think ear wax looks really cool. (ok maybe that's really gross and possibly also an example of giving you too much information)

7. i am an only child. i don't think i'm a super typical only child...but i do have a problem with sharing and i don't like people touching my things.

8. i count money a lot at work and when i'm counting coins i like to stack them in piles of 5...and i like them to all be 'tails' side up. when i say 'like to' i mean HAVE TO. that's a little obsessive, i know.

9. i am the master of starting projects and not finishing them.

10. i hate cleaning. i actually hate doing anything over and over again. that's why i hate cleaning. that being said, i really like it when things are clean and tidy.

11. growing up i was a major dog person. (don't tell my cats!) i could never really understand why people loved their cats so much (oh my goodness i feel so bad admitting this!). then i got anakin. i am now a MAJOR cat person.

12. sometimes i get really anxious when i travel. i think everyone who is not with me is going to die...especially my kitties. it usually only lasts 1 or 2 days but it is terrible!! i would never be able to take a trip completely by myself.

13. until i was about 13 i took tap, jazz and ballet. i really miss tap and would love to take it up again. it is soooo fun!

14. i love playing video games. i'm thinking about a post to showcase my dorky-ness and tell you some of my favourite games.

15. i was in the school band in high school and i loved it! i played percussion and trumpet (not at the same time though, that would be impressive!)

16. i have actually been to band camp...multiple times.

17. my dream job is to be a team mascot...for a cold sport like hockey or something. i don't want to overheat!

18. i would rather be too cold than too hot...but i like the summer better than the winter.

19. when i was young i thought i wanted to be a writer. i liked to write the beginnings of books where you introduce the main character.

20. i am super indecisive and hate making decisions.

21. i love coffee but refuse to drink it everyday. i don't want to be dependent on anything to wake up...except maybe my alarm. when i do drink coffee it is either black or in a latte!

22. i don't wear socks that often but when i do they are usually mis-matched or holy.

23. i have the grossest feet ever. i almost always curl my toes and then kind of rest the tops on the ground...hmm, bad description, i'll take a photo one day. anyways...i don't recommend this, i have huge callouses on my big toes! gross!!

24. i hate taking medication. i avoid it as much as i can.

25. i don't like the phone. i'm getting better but i absolutely never answer the house phone. there is no call display so i just assume it is not for me.

26. i love having dance parties, alone or with friends.

27. pretty skies (like when the sun is setting) are one of my most favourite things ever.

28. i have weird words for a lot of things. i call pyjamas 'jammie jams', starbucks 'starbunks', sunglasses 'sunnies', shoes 'shoesies', there are more...ok now i probably sound crazy...usually i just talk like this to ivan...and some of my friends. ok i am crazy!

29. i know an impressive amount of digits of pi (you know, the math thing) and i have a video to prove it...i'll post it soon.

30. i exercise six days a week.

haha, i couldn't think of a good #30. oh well, exercise is important!

do you have any fun facts to share about yourself? tell me in the comments or if you do a post on it send me the link!



  1. These are such great facts! I too am horribly messy & love cleaning my ears :) tee hee

    :) :)

  2. I loved reading this! :D We have a bunch of stuff in common i.e. I say 'sunnies' too. lol

    I actually did this yesterday. http://ohtiffuh.blogspot.com/2011/02/30-things.html

  3. I was going to list off the ones we have in common but there are way too many. Especially number six! No judgement here, man!! Haha. :)

  4. I love it when I find people that are like me! :)

    I'd like to combine 2, 3 and 8 pleaseandthankyou - I too am really messy. In fact, the boy is visiting this weekend *hopefully* and I have clothes and shoes EVERYWHERE! I really need more closet space. But instead of tidying things away and being organised, I'm busy blogging instead!

    And I wanted to be a writer too, but when I was in school I was told that'd never happen. Boo!

  5. weird words FTW!
    I always joke about there needing to be a dictionary on how I speak, I use so many strange terms!

    haha, great post!!

  6. Haha! This made me smile...I'm a toe-curler too! I have to actually, mentally tell myself to STOP curling my toes... I've just always done it! My toes are crooked, too, and I've always wondered if its because I curl them all the time! Hehe.


  7. Haha you're hilarious - I have become a super messy/disorganized person and I hate it! You wouldn't be able to tell from the main part of our house but if you looked in any of the bedrooms you would. I hate it but it's just so time consuming and I don't have timeeeee :( I think it stresses me out too, being in a clean house is the best. Every once in a while I"ll have a cleaning but and just start cleaning & organizing for a whole day. That's rare :)

  8. Holy shit, Elycia... now you're just freaking me out. I'd say i could easily copy/paste at least half of these. AT LEAST. Are you a Libra by any chance?

    ....Weirdos unite! <3

  9. Okay... so you're a bit weird, but in a nice, normal way just like everyone else and we love you for that :D I'm saying 'normal' 'cause there's a few things on your list that I can attest to (I'm not saying which at this point), others just had me in stitches! In particular I loved number 25 and I still can't stop laughing! :D ROFLOL!!! Thanks for sharing, xoxo

  10. This is a really great idea. I'm thinking about taking a stab at the challenge. I usually keep things to myself and I'm sure people don't really want to know how crazy I am.

    I'll send you the link if I do it. Thanks for sharing your craziness. Makes me feel not so alone.

  11. nice to hear you guys have some crazy things in common with me.

    jenny, i'm a gemini...but my mom's a libra...so maybe i'm half libra, haha. i'm pretty sure that's not how it works. i remember when i first found your blog, the whole page was full of things that we had in common. (skins, katamari...other things i can't remember, haha)

  12. LOVE the name Anakin!
    And, I am obsessive about my coins (and bills) being heads up! :)

  13. Oh well Gemini is good too. Libras and Geminis make great friends, actually.
    PS. I'm a loser and somewhat believe in some astrology stuff.
    PPS. We are awesome.

  14. By the way, #19. SO MUCH. I loved setting the scene/characters. And then I'd hit a road block. I think I started probably hundreds of stories as a kid/teen.

  15. I was a huge band geek too, played trumpet as well. Some of my best memories of high school were from being on band trips...

  16. You are good and honest
    Those are some things most people wouldnt admit
    Good for you

  17. i looooooooove icing and i am sooo indecisive too!! wayyy too indecisive!!

  18. yes, tell what games you play! ~from a fellow crafty gamer :)

  19. do you have any idea how much your cooler factor just increased?! like a billion. 14.; YES PLEASE!

  20. I am also messy. But I like it clean and would almost pay somebody to clean so I don't have to do it! And if I clean a big chunk of wax out, I am totally satisfied LOL! So you aren't gross at all.

  21. I loved reading this!It's so funny! Seems that we have WAY TO MANY things in common!2,3,5,7,9,10,11,12,18,20,24,27!!!
    Especially number 3, my mom always tells me that the perfect place for me to live in would be a warehouse so that I could fit all the useless things that I collect "just in case"!
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  22. My hoarding got to the point where I would feel bad for the person who gave me the item. One Christmas I remember my mum gave me a jumper which I then didn't wear. When I took it out of the draw to throw away I felt like she would 'know' and then be upset. So I kept it!
    I absolutely cannot speak on the phone, I always over-think it. The only people I can talk to are Liam and my parents. Anyone else, i just panic! haha.
    And if Liam is out and I'm not with him I just panic that he'll be in a car accident or someone will attack him. I'm never happy until he's walked back through the door!

    We don't make life easy for ourselves do we! haha x

  23. It's more than mildly ridiculous how much we have in common!!! Why don't you live in Ohio?!?!

  24. oh you guys are all so awesome.

    rachele, i would have a major problem letting someone clean for me...that comes from my problem with people touching my stuff! haha. i'm hopeless!

    anzouya, that is a lot! living in a warehouse would be kind of awesome!

    leona, i also have problems getting rid of things pepole gave me as gifts! if it doesn't fit or i don't really love it i never tell them. they might prefer that i exchange it for something i love but i don't have the guts to tell them i don't like it. haha, i guess i also avoid confrontation!

    kaylah, we're basically the same person. the same super awesome person. haha. ivan used to go to ohio for work sometimes...he hasn't been in forever. i should make his work send him and then tag along. haha.

  25. These are great! I also love cleaning my ears haha, my boyfriend thinks I am so gross. He is afraid of used Q-tips... I think thats weirder then loving to clean your ears, personally.

  26. Okay, yes to #1 for me. Baked goods are just a method of getting things like Rainbow Chip frosting into my face.

    I've found # 7 is worse for me if its anything techy. I swear my hands sweat and I can't focus anywhere else if someone is touching my laptop or phone, lol.

  27. i'm pretty sure we're the same person. ok, not really, but i have a freakish amount of these in common with you haha. #2, 3, 4, 9, 11 (ah! glad i'm not the only one!), 20, 22 (my socks right now have a hole in each one...oops), 25 (i NEVER answer my phone), 26. we've been packing like crazy and i've realized i'm a legit hoarder. it's kind of scary. thank goodness my husband has OCD and will never let it get out of hand! haha

  28. Loved reading all about you!

    #2 rings true for me too :)

  29. Okay I loved reading this.... We have quiiiiite a bit of these in common! lol.

  30. YES! another icing eater!
    Yes! JAMMIES!

    I talk strangely to Westly and my friends, too. I always tend to make things sound more childish and cuter than they should at my age. ahah.

    I like you more and more with every post! <3
    I'm really glad I started my blog, too!
    I'm going to do a post like this as well, I just didn't want to do it too early I guess. I still only have 3 followers.

  31. LOVED this post! You are such a unique and lovely person. I am so with you on the video games and giving too much info. ;]

    BTw, I featured you on my blog. I wanted to tell you because I used a couple of your pictures, like from the "Love Elyica" facebook page and your last post with your super cute dress, I let everyone know that they were yours and I linked you. ;]


  32. yay, i love these! i don't mind cleaning my ears but i really HATE watching people clean their ears...it is really disturbing!

    we should have a skype dance party! i LOVE dancing in my pj's at home! the best thing in life really!!


  33. I sort of have that don't like people touching my stuff and things only child syndrome too. I get mad when the boyfriend moves my things. I'm also messy, but like everything just so.

    Also, the mascots for hockey teams still get very hot. I cheered for a professional arena soccer team once. they would lay fake grass over hockey ice so it was cold in the arena, but our mascot still got sweaty and stunk like caca.

    Anyway, you're funny not gross :)

  34. who doesnt love cleaning their ears! its the best feeling ever! your brave! we all have weird habits. we just dont share! kudos to you!!!!

  35. haha, i love your honesty! makes me feel not so weird. it's funny how much we have in common. i'll have to write a post like this and link you to it :)

  36. i loved reading this!

    i will definitely post something similar within the week. :)

  37. I call pajamas "jim-jams" and I like to clean my ears, too. So satisfying especially when I get a big "haul". lol

  38. cb, oh no you didn't just suggest a skype dance party! haha! that would be too fun.

    tera, stank like caca is the funniest phrase i have heard in a while! hahaha! if being a mascot is going to make me stink like caca i may have to rethink my career choice.

  39. done!


  40. This is hilariousss! I am also an only child and I absolutely hate it when people touch much stuff! Haha, you are truly awesome for posting this.

  41. I also really, really, really like to clean my ears. It makes me want to wag my foot like a dog. I would die without Q-tips - and I don't care how bad they are for my ears, not one bit.

  42. Aw, cats have a clever way of turning any dog person, into a cat person!! :) Im glad that you saw the light hahah (although I grew up a 50%dog person 50% cat person, always loved them equal cos I always had both around, but now that Im 'dogless' and have been since I left home, and the kitties control my life, Im more 90% cat lady 10% wishful dog lover haha.

    Oh and Im totally with you on cleaning, I HATE IT more than anything, but then I hate a messy house, so I have to do it, I often think life would rule with a cleaner, but then Id be embarrased for anyone to see my house messy so Id have to clean before they came, which would totally just make that a pointless person to hire, haha.

    ok, end of essay comment :P

  43. Well.... I do all those things (yes, the same weird little things) except the soy milk, the highschool band (but I was in choir) and the excercise!

    Hugs from Athens,

  44. oh i suggested it and i darn well mean it! i'll even bust out my striped legwarmers :D


  45. Let's be friends! No seriously--you should live closer and we could be only child BFFs that worry about our cats when we go on vacation.

  46. we have tons in common! i recommend ear wax candles if you haven't tried them already!;)

  47. YES!! I just added you to my Reader. Weirdo's uniet! ;)

    ps; I really hate my feet too.

  48. i TOTALLY feel ya on number 12! Ugh, I hate it. And number 18. I HATE being too hot! And a side effect of my pills (actually it's a side effect for TWO of the pills I take... double the bad luck...) is hot flashes. BLAH.

  49. How many digits of pi? My boyfriend knows well over 100 haha :)

  50. So I'm only reading this just now, but whoa, I have almost half of your list in common with you! 13 things! And yeah the earwax thing is a little too much information, but I swear it's one of the best feelings in the world.
    <3 Linda

  51. This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm DEFINITELY going to stay! Um, about the Q-Tip thing...I do that, too. My husband makes fun of me because it's the first thing I do when I wake up. Oh, and toe thing-yeah, I do that. I can also walk on the tops of my feet (also bad description). It must be a ballet/jazz/tap thing. ;-)

  52. You lived in Australia??! Maybe you picked up the 'sunnies' slang from us because we basically shorten everything. Everybody here calls sunglasses 'sunnies'.



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