Friday, March 11, 2011

hi, here are some more things i love.

5. mood rings
i have loved mood rings ever since i can remember. they are so cool! i have one somewhere i think. i need to dig it out!

4. this dress
i loooove this dress so much! it is so so pretty.

3. these adorable photos from CAPow!
in love with these! such a cute idea.

2. this vintage 50's dress from the paraders
i may have bought this...oops. i was thinking it would be perfect for engagement photos (which we haven't taken yet...double oops)

1. this
katie posted these little tags all around. i totally want to do this in hamilton! so magical :)

so tomorrow ivan and i might be doing something really fun. (well, i think it will be fun) i'll tell you about it later. have a great day!



  1. mood rings!! there is nothing better than mood rings!

  2. I think the yellow dress is so lovely. I would love to go to a park on a sunny day in that dress.

  3. i've always had a thing for mood rings :) a magical feeling since being a kid.

  4. Love those tags and that dress and mood rings! (I guess I could just say everything and that would've worked)

  5. Love the idea with the tags. That would totally make me smile if I found one :)

  6. i think mood rings are awesome! i used to have a thumb mood ring that was my favorite ever... but i left it in my band pants at the end of the year in high school and never saw it again :(

    those tags are great! i'd love to see something like that somewhere!


  7. Oh my word! I love that yellow dress. SO pretty!<3 xo.

  8. I saw the post about the tags that Katie posted...they are so cute!

  9. Love your faves this week. I'm a big fan of mood rings, but I found mine rarely changed colors haha

  10. Ohhh I love the first dress! Great finds :)

  11. Yay, mood rings!! :) And I totally almost bought that rad ModCloth dress a few days ago..he he. Lovely!

  12. the butterfly dress is adorable! and those tags are such a cute idea!

  13. Love the mood rings and this 50s vintage dress is MY COLOR!!!
    By the way, I tagged you to participate in a fun game IF YOU WANT TO where you get to share your handwriting. I'd love to see that! :-)
    Thanks! <3

  14. that dress is beautiful!
    and thank you so much for listing my prints in your favorites! xoxo


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