Saturday, March 12, 2011


We are once again making wedding progress! The big project I was working on this week was scanning photos to include in a little slideshow for the wedding. Erin from My Beautiful Disaster is so so nice and offered to put together the slideshow for us!
How sweet is that?! Thanks so much Erin! (however, if i don't hurry up and send her the rest of the photos she will probably say forget it! I will send the rest soon, I promise)

Here is a little peek at what a cute kid Ivan was...also, there are some photos of me. (the second one is from my first wedding...what was i thinking with that dress?) hehe.

have a great day!



  1. That last turquoise dress is such a nice colour, not to mention you look absolutely, heart-meltingly adorable!

  2. aw that's so sweet of Erin!! Also, you and Ivan were so cute! I'm sure everyone will be awe-ing the entire time!

  3. You two were (and still are) cuties! Erin's pretty awesome and I'm sure the slideshow will turn out great :)

  4. Omg, y'all were sooo cute!! I mean you still are but you were then also. haha! ;] xo.

  5. This is gonna be a super cute slideshow <3

  6. You guys are so freaking darling! I really need to scan photos of Jax and I.

  7. I'm just going to nod my head in agreement with all the other comments about you guys - so cute! & adorable! & sweet! awwww!



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