Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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On Sunday I went with Ivan's cousin and aunt to a sample sale. I had never been to one before. This was in Mississauga at a kind of warehouse I guess. There were all different things going on in different parts of the building, including a pet show! Unfortunately I didn't check out the pet show. I was hoping to find wedding shoes at the sale but no such luck...I'm kind of running out of time. (I actually found a pair on ModCloth last night that would have been perfect but they were sold out already!!)

Anyways...I didn't take any photos in the shoe part (I should have, there were rows and rows of shoes!), but I did snap some photos of some belts that I wanted to buy but resisted the temptation. (my trick worked this time) I am trying really hard not to spend money!

Eeep! Aren't those awesome? I think I might try to make one like the one with the scallops. So pretty!

What did you get up to this easter weekend?


ps. have you entered the giveaway?

pps. i totally forgot to mention this before but I did a little video for Lauren's blog party last week.


  1. Those enamel belt buckles are great!

  2. sorry to hear about the shoes! i know you will find some soon! have you checked out http://www.urbanog.com/...they have inexpensive shoes but not sure what style you are looking.

    yes making one of those belts would be AWESOME!!!


  3. love the enamel buckles. and the scallops are too sweet.

    belts are a fashion accessory that I am totally lacking in. My next trip to the thrift I will be keeping an eye out.

  4. i love that green belt with the scallops!

  5. Good wedding shoes are key! I remember my toes went numb at my wedding and I didn't get full feeling back until after the honeymoon! They were fantastic looking shoes though. :)

    ♥ sécia

  6. thanks to cb's link i found my wedding shoes!! hooray!!

    secia, oh my goodness, that happened to me when i was a bridesmaid a few years back. i am not lying when i said it took more than a month for the feeling to come back to all of my toes. i was starting to get concerned, haha.

  7. Such pretty colors! You'll have to tell me some good thrift stores in Hamilton to stop by on my way home this summer!

  8. Ah! The belts are so sweet! I can see why that would be hard to resist :)


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