Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Sponsors > I get around

I have been popping around my sponsors blog and shops all month. Here are some awesome things I have come across.

1. I can totally relate to this post from Jo at thank you and goodnite.

2. Kaylah's fantastic hair posts here and here.

3. Savannah's photo wall
4. Tera's bonkers amazing cupcakes!!

5. I love Leona's shirt sooo much. And her new tattoo is super cute as well!
and adorable is Leona?

6. cindy's pretty orange hair

7. ThatGirl Crochet's pretty scarf

8. Katherine's adorable bunny!

9. Kendall's post on tattoos is pretty great.

10. Lauren's engagement photos! Seriously, they are sooo sooo cute!!

So I promised myself that I would limit this post to 10 was hard! I have great sponsors :)


ps. I will be back later to show you before and after shots of Ivan's haircut, hehe.


  1. These are some great sponsors!

  2. So many redheads! I don't feel like an outcast in the blog world! haha

  3. that bunny i so super sweet!! my little bunny lookd almost the same! maybe more gray.. but the same way ears were down.. ahh ;( [*]

    sad :( lovely sponsors elycia, i found some new favourite blogs thanks to your sponsors :):)

  4. i LOVE those cupcakes! so cool and so very very cute!


  5. Thanks Elycia! :) Everyone seems to like that photo! lol

  6. I can't get over Leona'a shirt!
    I love it :)
    these are such sweet pictures!

  7. aww this was cute to read, again another mood lifter I've been stressing out this week at the University

  8. Eeeee! Love you Elycia!!!!


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