Sunday, April 17, 2011

what i wore > casual day

head to toe:
cardigan - H&M
shirt - winners
pants - target
boots - blowfish

I wore this outfit on Friday. Earlier in the week I found this shirt hiding in my closet and I thought it needed some attention so I pulled it out for a day around the house and a trip to the grocery store. Wow, I get around, haha. Wondering what I'm doing in those last photos? It's called dancing people and since it was Friday you better believe I was busting a move to Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon covering Friday. hehe.

On Friday night I had a terrible dream about the wedding (which is why I didn't do a wedding post yesterday, haha). I had a super long dream that wedding was a complete disaster; everything went wrong! The worst part was that it was one of those dreams that felt so real! When I woke up I was relieved it hadn't actually happened but too traumatized to think about wedding stuff. Haha, ok maybe traumatized is a bit too dramatic, but you know what I mean. Do other people's dreams affect them like that sometimes? If you dream that someone is awful in a dream are you a bit mad at them the next day?

Anyways, have a great Sunday! We're off for a sushi date with Ivan's mom, hooray!


ps. my lovely friend Astrid is having a giveaway on her blog for reaching 100 followers! Pop over and you could win some awesome stuff...including 3 headbands made by me :) Remember when Astrid and I met?


  1. Love this, so colorful! I wish there was an H&M close to me...they have the cutest clothes and for cheap too! The hair is too cute and I have the biggest crush on Stephen Colbert!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. I think one day, even if it's ten years, you should be linking up to a 'remember when Leona & I met??'

    That top is awesome! x

  3. I love this outfit! It's so great! :)

  4. Cute - love the shirt! When I was planning my wedding, I would have those awful stress dreams about everything going wrong. Usually it involved me waking up (in the dream) and realizing that the wedding was TODAY, and I had somehow forgotten. Then I would be running around making peanut butter sandwiches for the guests and trying to fashion a dress out of an oversized white t-shirt while everyone was arriving. ACK!!

  5. Cutiepieeee :) I look silly in my blowfish booties but yours are cool! Pink is perdy on you :)

  6. i totally do that. dreams completely affect me, it's awful!
    don't worry about it though, they never come through.

  7. Ok first we need to exchange boots I love those!
    2nd You did great talking about the dream there is a superstition that if you tell someone what u dreamt it wont come true, also ignore it, I think it reflects your fears of what can happened since you want it to be perfect.
    Be happy and enjoy your yummy sushi today!!

  8. I didn't think you did casual :) haha.
    I adore those boots seriously.
    You have the best clothes.

  9. i really love that shirt!!!! and the combination of the yellow cardigan and the pink shirt.. just PERFECT! love it!

    you can visit my little blog to see my little 'what i wore' its not very good.. but im trying my best;D

  10. Oh I'm diggin this outfit. :) Sometimes I dream people I love have died or left me and I wake up so upset. Even when I realize it was a dream I sometimes can't shake the yucky feeling. Ugh.


  11. I love your shirt and boots! Augh, I hate awful AND realistic dreams. Especially when it's about one of your best friends :(

  12. I love when people do casual normal every day outfit posts, cos lets face it, we don't always make the effort we do in outfit posts! You look great :)

  13. I spy Blowfish boots! <3 And I do that sometimes, silently hold a grudge against someone for a few hours after waking up for something mean they did to me in a dream, haha. It's ridiculous.

  14. stop being so ridiculously cute! also, please give me those boots! haha k thanks ;)

  15. Those boots are amazing! Gotta love blowfish. I love the pink and the mustard together. Fantastic.

  16. You look lovely, the boots are really cute, love the cardigan too.

  17. haha love the dancing too! and i also love the pink top paired with the amazing boots.
    ps YES i have dreams that seem scarily like reality all too often :-/

  18. Gurrrrrrl lovin' that hot pink/mustard yellow combo. Two colours I'd never think of pairing but it's capital A AWESOME!

    And YES my dreams affect me SO much. They can put my day into a total funk sometimes. What a bummer. Stupid psyche.

  19. mega crush on the pink & goldenrod yellow combo!

  20. I was listening to that video on Friday, too. It makes me happy.


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