Sunday, May 1, 2011

28 things - thing 3

I am too indecisive to pick an ultimate favourite of most things. I actually can't think of anything that I have an undisputed favourite of. Except people...Ivan is definitely my favourite.


thing 1 ... thing 2


  1. awww. I always say, "You're my favorite thing" to Lance :)

  2. Haha, same here :) I always love everything!
    {especially with colors, though right now I'm leaning towards yellow...}
    I love the pictures!

  3. wow same! colors are hard,
    I think light blue is my favorite but sometimes I love light pink, creamy white, light green - all sorts!

  4. haha! I am the same way! :]

  5. me too! i always think i will regret it if i am forced to pick ONE favorite thing lol. I can never make up my mind. it stresses me out.

  6. Ah, adorable! 'except people' :D

  7. omg girl, i am the same way! my bf always teases me and says "i'm obsessed with everything" annnnd, i kinda am :) it's just so hard to choose! loving all of your little facts, you are so fun!!

  8. Same here, I'm soo indecisive!!

  9. thanks guys! i'm glad you're enjoying these :)

    alycia, i think that's my prob too! once i choose one thing it means i didn't choose something else!

  10. I think this is a wonderful "curse" of most creative type people.
    I know that my favorites are on constant rotation. My dude makes fun of me that every other song on the radio is my fave, every flavor of gelato is my fave, and so on.
    i love have a million and one favorites.

  11. I'm the same way!!! It's so hard. There are so many wonderful things in every category. :D Great little tidbit about you! ^_^ (Though I agree, I only have one favorite person, Jen!)

  12. I love this picture! So cute!
    I have a lot of favorites also!
    I do however only have one favorite man and one favorite daughter! :P

  13. This reminds me of on 30 rock Kenneth has all his best friends in categories like 'best friend comma good hair'

  14. i think being indecisive is a trait of a gemini :) ..i get that too but i am on the cusp of a taurus/gemini so it can be bit of a tug of war!


  15. i totally agree. why must we pick favorites anyway? who was it who said "only one"? plus, things go well together.

    ♥ sécia

  16. oh for sure I do this! :)
    I have a favorite everything lol and everytime of day!
    I think it just means we're happy and lovey! ;)


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