Monday, May 2, 2011

28 things - thing 4

EDIT: I want to send a prize to the first person who can spot all the differences between the 2 photos! Write your answers in the comments and some way to contact you if you win!


thing 1 ... thing 2 ... thing 3


  1. I'm super UN-oblivious. I notice things right away- I used to hide that about myself, because I often felt like people would think I was being judgemental, (it wasn't that at all, I just really take people in while I talk to them) but now I have friends that walk up to me to see if I'll notice their new haircuts- because then they know if it was a big enough change! LOL I love reading your things everyday! :)

  2. I can spot differences quite quick, if I say so myself :)

    Last picture: everything is so great! I really like your funky expression ^^

  3. The differences are the glasses, the hair pin, the necklace, the earrings, and the second button on your shirt/dress. You can contact me by email!

  4. The differences are your glasses, something in your hair, necklace, earrings and your button is done in the second photo.


  5. I tend to be kind of oblivious! My bf tidied my room once when I was out and I never noticed :P I usually have a floordrobe so you can wonder how I never noticed XD

    I spotted these differences: the glasses, hairpin, 2nd button, necklace, and earrings. In the left photo it looks like you might be wearing something on your lips, but I think the contrast is different in each photo :P


  6. Hellow Elycia!!!
    I could find the difference!!!!
    The first one is the necklace, the second one is your earrings, the third one are your glasses, the second button on your square shirt (i love the colors). The hair pin and ahother thing in your hai... I can see a little more the roots of your hair, you move a little your hair :)
    You can contact me on
    Greetings from Bogotá - Colombia.

  7. Your bow, sunglasses, necklace, button on your dress, and earrings!


    shopallbuttonedup at yahoo dot com

  8. Oh and i noticed your hair!!

    shopallbuttonedup at yahoo dot com

  9. It takes me a long time to notice that kinda stuff too!
    I hope I got them all:
    second button on dress
    hair piece
    lipstick is off in secondpic (or that might just be the colouring of the pic!)

    Fun game:)

  10. you have on star earring in pic 1 and not in two. you have no glasses in pic 1.
    you have no necklace in pic 1.
    you have no hairbow in pic 1.
    in pic 1 your bottom button is undone.
    in pic 1 your wearing lipstick.
    also your eyes look alot darker in pic 1.

    super fun!

  11. 2nd button on dress, bow in hair, different earrings, necklace, glasses, your lips look different on the left.

  12. Glasses, necklace, hair piece, earrings, button. Makeup?! Or perhaps it's lighting/contrast?

    I love these games! OR

  13. I know someone else has gotten this right and won but I don't care I'm playing along anyhow! ;]

    different earrings

    That was fun! :D

  14. I'm exactly like this as well! Sometimes in my house I go 'is that a new tv/lamp/kettle....etc' and my family will just shake their heads in disbelief as it will be the same one we've had for maybe 2 years. Oops!

  15. Awesome post/game! I'm lad I found your different...anywho

    1.Glasses- present in 2nd
    2.Bow in hair- present in 2nd
    3.Button- undone in 1st
    4.Lip coloring- darker in 1st
    5.Eye coloring- darker in 1st (perhaps blue then green in 2nd)
    6.Necklace- present in 2nd
    7.Earring- stars in 1st
    8.Hair- more dark root showing

    Contact Me!

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  17. lipstick/gloss, earrings, glasses, necklace, button, eyelashes are showing more in the 2nd, and you have a bow in in th 2nd, also your roots are showing more in the 2nd. not sure if that was intentional :P

  18. haha button gone/ glasses gone/ idk! my dad never had a moustache!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  19. Wow! I love mustaches :)
    So, the difference I've spotted on my own are...
    1-Different earrings
    2-Necklace in second picture
    3-Glasses in second
    4-Head band in second {is it one of the ones you make? those are amazing!}
    Is that your wallpaper? It's super amazing!!!

    {you could comment on my blog:
    as a way to contact me. Thanks elycia!}

  20. Your glasses, earrings, necklace, missing button, and there's a bow (I think) in your hair

  21. Differences!

    1- Dark root in fringe showing
    2- flower in your left side of the head
    3- necklace
    4- glasses
    5- button unfastened
    6- earrings
    7- darker makeup in 1st
    8- different position of your left arm: there is a light square showing in the left photo which doesn't show in the right one
    9- left ear is showing in the left photo
    10- backround is unfocused on second photo, or it appears darker
    and 11- your fringe covers your left eye in the first photo, while in the left one one can spot your eyeliner.
    (12- an extra one: maybe you are wearing eyeliner in the second photo and in the first one you aren't?)

    jijiji I'm really enjoying your 28 things series! btw, I am Georgina from Barcelona nd i don't think i've ever introduced myself!

  22. I love these spot the differences things! You're so cute!

  23. Differences:
    *second button unbuttoned, buttoned
    *earrings are difference
    *hair slightly parted in second photo
    *hair flower
    *lipstick darker in first, but I think it is the lighting because the background is lighter in second too

  24. the differences are: glasses, hair pin, earrings,necklace, button on your shirt, lighter lipstick in the second photo
    love ya!

  25. Oh I love things like this! I used to make puzzles like this in Photoshop where I would slightly alter a pic and challenge my LiveJournal friends to find the differences. So fun! :)

    Let's see! Things I saw...
    button undone
    hair clip
    hair slightly different in a couple places

  26. In picture 2 you can see more roots, you are wearing a hair pin, necklace and glasses and you are not wearing the star earrings. In the bottom left hand corner you can see more red in the shirt that you can't see in the first picture. your eyes are different shades and you are not wearing lipstick in the second pictures.

  27. Holy crap I jut had my whole list typed out brilliantly with about 1000 differences and it did not post correctly and when I press the back button- I can not go back to the text I just typed to try again. What was like maybe the best comment of all time is now gone forever. Whoa. Whoa, nellie. Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow. My head is spinning with the "oh, no's"!!!!!!!!

  28. hehe, glad you guys played along! i will take a close look at this tonight and see who won :)

  29. That's so funny about the moustache.. my friend's dad did the same thing and his wife didn't notice! They had been married for 32 years and he had always had it. It must be something about moustaches, like some people have a blidn spot for them :)

  30. what a great game! I spent ages and could only find 3!! But read the comments and now feel a tad silly :P

  31. haha, years ago I was laying in bed and couldn't remember if my dad had a mustache or not so I went into his room to ask him. Totally weird. Meanwhile, he had it for years...hahah

  32. that's soo much fun!
    second pic: missing the chain, 1 button undone, glasses, hair clip, the earrings are different and your darker root is showing....
    i totally noticed when my dad shaved his! i was scared of him for 2 days! lol

  33. As if you did a "what's the difference" photo! You are so nifty, Elycia.

  34. my toothbrushes end up like that all the time lol


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