Friday, May 6, 2011

5 fave friday

As you probably know, I am a little obsessed with dresses. I am really trying my hardest not to buy anything new (unless it's super cheap and insanely awesome at a thrift store - personal loophole). However, that doesn't mean I can't drool over pretty dresses. I thought I would show you some of my favourite dress styles!

1. Full Skirt Dresses
4. Shirt Dresses
3. Dresses with cute collars

2. Colourful Dresses

1. Plaid Dresses

I realize my dress 'categories' are a little shifty, oh yeah, I like shift dresses too! I am busy today working on my bouquets (and putting together a little diy hopefully), making cupcakes and maybe making some phone calls...but i will probably put those calls off again, haha. You don't realllly need an officiant at a wedding do you? ;)

Oh, and finally...The person who guessed all of the differences first in these 2 photos was Sher. The differences were:

1.Glasses- present in 2nd
2.Bow in hair- present in 2nd
3.Button- undone in 1st
4.Lip coloring- darker in 1st
5.Eye coloring- darker in 1st (perhaps blue then green in 2nd)
6.Necklace- present in 2nd
7.Earring- stars in 1st
8.Hair- more dark root showing

Numbers 4 & 5 were really the same thing, just a slight difference in colouring of the photos. Ya! Sher, email me at!



  1. wow all these dressing are amazing! i would LOVE to have each and every one of this in my closet!



  2. There were a few more differences that that...

  3. leopard tuxedo - there were?

  4. Yeah yeah. There were! I'm obsessed with the electronic photohunt game, so I'm a stickler for the deets. There were some differences in the plaid shirt in both the bottom corners. And let me think there were a couple more too... it escapes me as I looked a few days ago and then (I'm the one!) didn't post correctly and all my differences went away *frown*. It's all good though, all in fun. I just started a bloggity of my own. Check it out. I'm totally obsessed with yours and lurk about often.

    Oh, and I'm Claire. Nice to meet you.

  5. ohh, haha. yes, i remember that comment now! see, my obliviousness prevents me from noticing all of those details that you probably found ;)

  6. Looooove that plaid one from mothermidnight ... such a great blend of fun & class. :) And I definitely love a shift dress- great finds!

  7. Congrats Sher!! These dresses are super amazing, I love the full skirt ones. It's just so fun to dance around in circles just to be able to see your skirt fly out :)


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