Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giveaway winner - City Bird's Nest

Hello, hello!

Just popping in to announce the winner of the City Bird's giveaway! Drum roll please...

...and the winner is:


Shilah has a cute blog so pop by and say hello if you feel like blog hopping :)


ps. remember this dress?
The shop I bought it from, The Paraders, featured me on their blog the other day!


  1. i love your belts!!! and cooooongrats for the winner!

  2. BAH! That's my name! Ohhoohho I'm so excited! I think that gun charm is FABULOUS, my dad just taught my husband and I to shoot this last Easter and it's a big deal in my house right now. Thank you Elicia for the sweet compliment and for hosting such awesome giveaways!


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