Friday, June 3, 2011

5 fave friday

Here are a few great things!

5. Andrea's Daily Animal Doodles Project
A different animal doodle for each day in June. This is such a cool project! I'm going to try my hardest to make time to do at least a couple of these! Check out the details here!

4. This dress from Rusty Cuts!
Oh my goodness! Twin Peaks dress! This is totally The Black Lodge in dress form. So cool!!

3. Kaelah's lovely hive + honey shop!
Love!! Kaelah's pretty fascinators may or may not be making an appearance at our wedding. (ok they will be)

2. this dress is so pretty.

1. my new iPhone case!!
My sweet pal Amy sent it to me! It looks like a record! eeep! amazing! Thanks so much Amy!! (i know i mentioned Amy's blog before but I'm going to again because it is seriously awesome, you should for sure stop by and say hello!)

I have a few things to do today so I better be off! I hope everyone has a great friday!



  1. All super lovely things, as always!

    Katie xo

  2. awesome! i do love that dress! I just recently came upon rusty cuts via elsie's star wars dress...such lovely dresses! thanks for sharing! :)

  3. oh gosh, both dresses are adorable but that first one is making me swoon!! i wish i could order it so it'd be here in time for my birthday next weekend. probably wishful thinking though!

    also, amy is hands down, THE BEST!

  4. Hey Elycia,
    First, this comment has nothing to do with post.
    Second, I have been inspired by you and other crafty bloggers to make my own wedding bouquet.
    I'm planning on experimenting with a variety of fabrics before I make my final decision, but this is my first prototype.
    Would you just let me know what you think? Any constructive criticism or advice would be awesome!
    Thanks for you time and happy wedding planning!

  5. That iPhone case is awesome! What a fun gift!

  6. Such a cool iphone case! Great pictures, as always

  7. so funny that you post that twin peaks dress! i contacted the lasy on thursday to make me a custom one of those! i LOVE that dress so much!


  8. That iphone case is amaaaaazing! Love Kaelah's new shop too. Just discovered your blog and love it!



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