Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog Land

There are a couple really exciting thing going on in blog land that I want to mention. Probably a bunch of you already know about this stuff but if you don't then I guess I'm being helpful, right? ;)

1. Red Velvet Kickstarted Project!

Elsie and the gang at Red Velvet want to reach their goal!! Help them out if you can. I donated the first day (nerd) cause I'm so excited to see what they have in store for their next dress line!

2. ModCloth Blogger of the Moment
My blog (and real life!) friend Kaylah is the blogger of the moment! I am so excited for her! You should definitely read her interview!!

3. My Girl Thursday (yes that is a category all on it's own)

My blog friend (and hopefully one day real life friend) Thursday reached 1000 GFC followers and is planning a huge party next week! (well blog party that is!)

AND reopened her etsy shop, all in the same day!

4. Toronto Blogger Meetup!
 Ok, yeah yeah, I already mentioned this...but now Julie has some possible dates suggested so you should definitely pop by and see if you can make it!

So, yeah, lots of exciting stuff going on in the neighbourhood. Do you have anything exciting that you want to share in the comments?



  1. WE MEET SO SOOOOOOON! <3 (It's looking like July for TO Meetup is winning!)

  2. I donated to RV too- I've never ordered anything, but I just love how passionate they are!

    Oh, and I commented on your post the other day about the Toronto meet-up, and another blogger from Alberta saw it and messaged me! I'm so happy to have found someone from around here! Hopefully we'll have a meet-up too one day! :)


  3. I just started Daily Animal Doodle on my blog and on Flickr - for anybody to join - one animal doodle each day for the month of June - the animals are on the list here:

    I hope some more people will join :)

  4. All of this is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. awesome thing, I read Kaylah's interview it was awesome! Good luck with the blog meeting!!

  6. You are such a frickin sweetheart Elycia! Thanks for spreading the word. I can't wait for next week!!

    Maybe we meet soon?!?! I'm hoping I can come to the meet up. I'm already nervous.

  7. yes some very exciting things going on! i can't wait to see elsie's new line and sooo excited for kaylah, that is super awesome and she is the perfect lady to receive that honor!


  8. Blog land is poppin' :) I'm headed over to check out your friend's blog right now.

  9. All very good, very exciting things! Oh, blogland is such a lovely place!

    Katie xo

  10. i love all of these things! i stalk blogger of the moment bc they aways pick such inspiring ladies and i just saw your friend up there! she is great! love her funky hair colors and her tats!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. hurray! hurray! hurray!! for all of these things but i am especially excited for the toronto blogger meet up cause duh, i get to meet YOU and so many other sweeties...but also for chantilly's new etsy shop and blog party cause she's my real life friend too :)

  12. So much going on in blog land! I really feel like everyone is one huge family and a completely different universe to every day life. Such a feeling of escapism being in blog land :)

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