Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Guests - Grrfeisty

I met Roxy way back in Indie Biz 2.0 and I think she is so fun! I am also super impressed that she is into Roller Derby! I am thrilled to have Roxy here today as a Wedding Guest!


Hi :)

I’m Feisty. At least that is what my Houston Roller Derby [HRD] sisters call me. Others know me as grrfeisty….but most know me as roxy. Nice to meetcha!

 Almost a year ago, I discovered roller derby. Only recently did I choose my name…although honestly, I’ve been “grrfeisty” for over 10 years now – so picking Feisty wasn’t too difficult. :)

The purpose of my post today is to share with you some reasons as to why derby might be right for you.
First of all, if you have never played team sports – don’t worry! I barely played any team sports growing up and after the initial shock of coaches yelling, it became pretty motivational. :) Being a part of such an amazing group is inspirational enough – each of these women is strong and independent, and becoming one of them is an amazing honor. Playing aggressively with these ladies, as they give you pointers and smile and laugh the whole time is such a great release, and SO much fun! I feel physically fit and more confident since joining up with HRD!

Do some research and find out if your town, or a town nearby, has a roller derby league. Attend a few bouts and see if this is something you could do. A lot of cities have a rec league to get you started – I highly recommend this. They prep you for tryouts and teach you the basics.

I have made some great friends in derby! And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me :)

Thanks so much Roxy! You are tempting me to finally give roller derby a try. Any Hamiltonians out there want to take the plunge with me? I'm scared to do things alone!



  1. I have always been fascinated by roller derby but the closest league to me is about an hour away so it's just never worked out. I love the two-tone leggings! Not sure if you're checking all of these comments but have you ever gotten any crazy injuries!?

  2. it certainly does sound like fun! I've never actually seen a match, but I've known lots of girls who are into it!
    I'm just not a competitive sports player so I don't know if I would like it.

  3. This is so awesome! You are the coolest! I have always wanted to try out for Charm City Roller Girls, because they're all so cool and nice, and the bouts are so much fun to watch! I worry that I'd be terrible at it, so I've never had the guts to try out. But maybe I will do some practicing in my spare time, just in case! :)

  4. I always thought roller derby looked so bad ass! I'm not sure I'm up for being injured, but the team and friends aspect of it is really appealing. I'm too scared I'd get hurt because I never really did sports or anything. Looks like a ton of fun though!

  5. Roller derby looks so amazing! Maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to do it. Girl power right there.

    PS. My theatre company calls me Feisty too! haha!

  6. I do roller derby for two months now and I also really love it!

  7. I just finished my goal of running half a marathon and am looking for a new project, and this sounds like a lot of fun! The only thing is that I do not think there are any roller derby leagues here. Not in my town, I wonder even in my country :p (I live in the Netherlands). I did go to a roller disco event a while ago, but it turned out I stink at it :p Haha. I will be looking it up though.. just in case..



  8. I've always thought that roller derby looked like fun. I'm too scared of getting hurt though haha.

  9. Hi all! Sorry I am replying a tad late, I've been on vacation!

    Kristie- thank goodness I haven't had any crazy injuries so far...the worst that's happened to me is my left knee is kinda weird now...I can't quite kneel down for as long as I used to.

    Liz-I wasn't into competitive sports either...but derby is totally empowering...and you get into it..hardcore :)

    Hazel- you should totally see if Charm City has a recreation al league! It's a great place to start :)

    Linda- pretty sweet nickname! :)

    Floor-good luck! ;)

  10. Jamie- mostly we bruise a lot :)

    Marielle- good luck with your search! Or maybe you can start one :)

    Jamie- you forget about that fear real quick! It's so fun!


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