Monday, July 4, 2011

Wedding Guests - Mary Rebecca

Today's Wedding Guest is so adorable I almost can't take it! Have you seen any of her video blogs? Seriously people, this girl is too cute for words! Enjoy!
Hello! I'm Mary and I run a blog named Mary Rebecca. When Elycia asked me to write up a guest post to free up some time for her around her wedding, I was delighted! Today I'm going to show you a fun and simple tutorial on how to marbleize paper using shaving cream. :D 

Step One : Gather your materials.
- Shaving Cream
- Watercolors [you can also try watered down acrylic or food coloring]
- Paint brushes
- Wooden skewer [you can also use a toothpick or fork]
- Water
- Card stock [I cut larger sheets down]
- Bowl
- Pan

Step Two : Spray shaving cream onto your pan

Step Three : Smooth shaving cream out. [I just used some card stock, but you can also use a squeegee or spatula]

Step Four : Paint onto shaving cream [you don't want to spend too long with this because you don't want the paint to dry]

Step Five : Add some designs with your wooden skewer

Step Six : Place paper straight onto shaving cream. Press gently.

Step Seven : Scrap shaving cream off and place excess in bowl. [Again, I just used some folded card stock]

Step Eight : Smooth out shaving cream and repeat!

Step Nine (optional) : Let paper dry and then cut into gift tags.

What a great idea! Thanks so much Mary!



  1. Holy what?! This is so simple and easy, yet with such a beautiful result! I must try this later today. ^_^

  2. so easy to do and so pretty too! I love the idea for using the paper for gift tags. :)

  3. Hi Elycia!! I just found your blog via Kayla's (Dainty Squid) and I am hooked!! I live that your guest bloggers while you're on Honeymoon are 'wedding guests'. You're such an inspiration =) And I just LOVE your pink hair!

    Love from the UK,

    Katie xo

  4. That is such a good idea!!! I love new packaging tips :) So cute!

  5. awww i love this <3

  6. I want to try that! That's really simple and nice!


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